Is your property infested with rats, mice or other rodents? If so give ACAL a call immediately. We are specialists in rodent control and exclusion methods. ACAL offers pest control services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the Greater Los Angeles area. From homes to churches to universities, no job is too tiny or big for ACAL. We have been assisting owners ward off pests since 1999.

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  City El Monte, CA
  Zip Code 91731
  Address 4152 Baldwin Ave
  Phone Number (626) 579-7430

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A Cal provides general and specialized services and plans for both residential & commercial property owners. If you are a home owner, property manager, association, church, hospital, or school district you may save money with our pest control programs. You can trust that ACal will quickly and effectively solve your pest problem at a low price. We specialize in bird and bee removal, but we also cover rodent exclusion (rats/mice), roaches, parasites, ants, spiders and more. Currently we service area includes the greater Los Angeles area, but we have traveled further to complete specialized jobs.

Rats, mice and other rodents can be found in our homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and any other number of places. Just the thought of these critters gives people the shivers. They are experts at finding a way into your home through the smallest of spaces. They also carry the threat of various diseases that can be harmful to humans. A Cal has the experience to completely eliminate your rodent problem. In addition to getting rid of the rodents, we will also fog if necessary to eradicate parasites and also disinfect and clean any visible droppings found on the premises.

A Cal Pest Control Services has provided services at my residence for more thant five years. Among other things, they were the only pest control service to effectively remove a beehive in our ceiling void on the second floor of our home. I found their work to be thorough, competent, and without defect whatsoever. In fact, we have had no further problems from bees. Unfortunately, other extermination services over the years were not as effective. A Cal Pest Control has provided advice on the bee removal that I followed to a T. Rather than having my own contractor repair the ceiling after the removal of the bee hive, I deferred to ACal so that they could ensure the bees were removed.

First time customers can now save 20% on their first visit when they sign up for a monthly pest control plan. Simply mention you have the coupon when your schedule your appointment and then print out the coupon and give it to exterminator at the time of service.

A very adaptable species, the house mouse often lives in close association with humans and therefore is termed one of the "commensal" rodents along with Norway and roof rats. Mice can damage / destroy materials by gnawing contaminating stored food products, transmitting diseases as carriers or vectors. The easiest way to determine if mice are in your home is the presence of fecal material (droppings). Mouse droppings are commonly black in color and resemble grains of rice. Norway rats live in close association with people.

Opossum are ugly, slow, easy to trap, and do very little damage unless they take up residence in your house or garage. They also tend to irritate when they get into the trash. If this is the case, we again use hav-a-heart traps and capture and remove. Raccoons are cute critters when they are young, and raccoons do not really bother you when they are older unless you raise chickens or they get into your house. Inside raccoons can do a lot of damage. They are also notorious for getting into trash.