Since 1978, AL-FLEX has set the standard for high-quality customized drywood and subterranean termite control, pre-construction soil treatments and quarantine commodities fumigation services. Our code of ethics, commitment to excellence and commitment to superior client care makes us your perfect partners. We handle more than fifteen,000 fumigations each year - more than any other firm in Florida.

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Termites can live and reproduce undetected for years, chewing away at your most valuable assets. They primarily feast on wood, but they also cause extensive damage to paper, insulation and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. All termite species cost property owners in the US more than $2 billion in treatments and repairs each year. Drywood termites are tireless wood eaters that carve their paths of destruction from the inside of your home out. They hide and reproduce inside your walls, roof beams, studs and the foundation of your home, and even around door and window frames and inside your cupboards and wood furniture.

Al-Flex, an environmentally conscious company, offering sustainable solution that is eco-friendly with our green pest control approach. Integrated Pest Management (IPS) for all your target PEST Needs! In recent years, people have become more aware and concerned about the use of chemicals and the effects it has on our health and the environment. For this reason, Al Flex Exterminators has made it a priority to adopt a strong IPM Program; to reassure our customers that we are taking the necessary steps to protect and conserve our environment while taking care of their pest control demands.

Your customer experience is key for the success of your property. Al Flex Exterminators provides a different approach that is customized to each commercial property, hotel, or restaurant we service. We treat the problem before it becomes one to safeguard against the issues we deal with in South Florida. Did you know the USDA trusts us to treat their incoming produce for 3 decades? If they trust us, so should you. We abide by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We have been providing excellent pest control services for our community since 1977 and all our technicians are licensed & trained.

AL-FLEX offers commercial pest control solutions for restaurants and bars ensuring a pest-free environment. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Don't lose any customers because of unwanted pests in your establishment. Are you unhappy with your current pest control services? AL-FLEX Exterminators is your solution. We specialize in servicing the hotel industry. Our unique blend of services guarantees that we will save you money while offering the most comprehensive program available.

These are very important questions you should take into account when considering a suitable fumigation company for your home. If you feel that the company that you are comparing us with is not answering in a similar fashion, please do no hesitate to contact us. Our best customers are educated customers. We encourage you to contact other companies and compare.

Tent fumigations are the only proven way to eliminate drywood termite colonies. At AL-FLEX, We use Vikane, the most effective Our tent fumigations cover each and every crack and crevice where termites hide, live and breed. These unreliable methods are a gamble because the technicians, who are not state-certified fumigators, are likely to miss many of the termites' points of entry. Too often, the termite problems resurface because the exterminators couldn't reach all the hidden areas. Why don't most other exterminators offer tent fumigations?