The Bark Scorpion can crawl across walls and ceilings. It's the only scorpion with this ability, and one of the most prevalent scorpions in Arizona. The Red Imported Fire Ant, known as Solenopsis invicta, is a formidable foe wherever it establishes a colony.

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The health and safety of our team members and customers is our top priority. What we do is important. We are an essential service. You count on us to protect your health, homes and businesses. We will continue to service all our customers including grocery stores, medical facilities, your businesses and your homes. I wanted to take a brief moment to make sure I recognize the excellent job that Jay does every quarter as our technician. He has been servicing our home in Atlanta for the past about 3 years (maybe a little bit more).

Our founder, Starkey Thomas, started Arrow Exterminators in 1964, and it remains a family owned business today. With 137 service centers operating in 12 states, we are the 6th largest pest control company in the U.S and the 2nd largest privately owned. Arrow Exterminators has always been about providing superior, quality pest control and termite protection services to our customers in the most environmentally responsible manner. We strive to continually improve our professional standards, knowledge and efficiency to assure our customers' 100% satisfaction.