At Area Wide Exterminators you will find a huge range of effective and environmentally friendly pest and termite control programs that banish destructive inside and outside the home. Inconvenience is Out, Service is in. Area Wide Exterminators service programs take the sting out of pest control. Homeowners: We know you hate bugs, so do we. Let us get rid of them for you without the headaches.

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Our number-one priority is the protection of all our employees and our customers. We have implemented policies and practices across our business to address current and new issues that may arise in the coming weeks. We instituted health questioning for employees and provided health and hygiene best practices information to all employees. California has designated and confirmed that pest control is an essential service, and we can and should continue to protect the public health of our customers and their property.

When it comes to commercial Pest and Termite Control, your comfort isn't the only issue on the line. Your guests' perception of your business, as well as their likelihood to become repeat clients, can be jeopardized by the sighting of a single bug. Keeping a clean, attractive and welcoming place of business is the most basic requirement for commercial success. There are plenty of situations in which you may need to call an exterminator. If you see pests, of course you should bring in professionals to deal with the problem immediately.

AREA WIDE EXTERMINATORS has more than 40 years in the Pest & TERMITE industry providing an unparalleled quality in both single and multiple Pest and Termite Control services. WE ARE ONE of the FIRST THOROUGHLY licensed LOCAL Pest and Termite Control operators in NORTHERN California. Though termites inflict harm at a relatively slow speed, it is imperative that you get rid of them before they cause substantial destruction to your home. An exterminator can help you with the removal and recovery.

Pests can strike at any time, in any form and in any place. You may be fighting an ongoing battle against insects and rodents, or you might realize that bed bugs have suddenly invaded your home. No matter what your situation is, Area Wide Exterminators is the premier provider of Pest and Termite Control in San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Sacramento Counties. If you are in need of an exterminator, you will not find superior service from any other company. We focus on serving all of our clients by offering extermination options for either the home or the workplace.

Rodents are smart & agile creatures that will find a way into your home. Capable of entering an opening as small as the size of a dime, it is extremely difficult to prevent entry. If you are dealing with an invasion, it's time to call in help from an expert team of Pest and Termite Control professionals. Area Wide Exterminators offers services to keep rodents out of your home in San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Sacramento Counties. We will begin by assessing the perimeter of your house to find and resolve potential entry points.