You see them disappear behind your gutter. You hear them nesting in your attic. They've been devouring your garden. You smell a foul odor emanating from your crawlspace. Balance of Nature can restore your peace of mind and protect your property from wildlife invaders. We can rid your home of business of termites or insect infestations.

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Prevents birds and squirrels from nesting under your solar panels. Birds and squirrels chew on the system wires causing extensive damage to the solar modules or causing a fire. Bats are on the rabies vector list. Bats are also carriers of fleas, mites, bat bugs and ticks. They may also carry disease in their feces and urine such as leptospirosis and salmonella to name a few. We Handle residential, commercial, agriculture, municipal and government pest control and animal removal problems. Balance of Nature has been solving our wildlife and insect problems for the past few years.

Bat removal exclusion is a natural and harmless way to remove a bat, or multiple bats from your New Jersey home or business. There are phases of a bat removal process. Exclusion should be done in such a way to prevent bats from finding their way back into the structure. You probably would not want to go through the removal process to have the bats return. First, it's important that you schedule removal measures for bats at the right time of year. If juvenile bats become trapped in the structure and die, this could result in a foul odor.

Is Spring coming early? You might typically experience excitement at the prospect of nicer weather and flowers blooming. However as a result of the groundhogs on your property, you probably don't care. The awareness that they invaded your yard or home sticks in your mind and consequently you want them gone. You probably won't really enjoy the Spring until your property is groundhog free. Do know know what your options are? Fortunately, humane groundhog removal is just one of many services we provide at Balance of Nature.

At Balance of Nature, it is our mission to make sure that you are able to conduct efficient and affordable animal proofing for your New Jersey home. But, what is animal proofing exactly? If you have had a negative experience with wildlife gaining access to your home or you are looking to make sure that it does not happen in the first place, animal proofing is important. Rather than dealing with an animal problem once it happens, we always believe that both home and business owners should give animal proofing a try.

In the event an animal dies in your wall, ceiling, attic, crawlspace or anywhere else on your property, we remove and disinfect the area. The area is then sprayed with an odor neutralizer. Insulation of attic and crawl spaces due to lost R-Value (insulating efficiency) caused by animal and rodent damage, urine/feces or if they're just old and dusty. We will replace your damaged insulation with non-formaldehyde insulation. Attic fan covers prevent animals such as squirrels & raccoons from gaining entrance to your attic area.

Balance of Nature provides pest and animal control services to central and southern New Jersey. We help you get rid of the animals and insects that invade your home and help you prevent their return. We're a local company that delivers high-quality, professional services to over half of New Jersey. Our pest control and animal removal services are eco-friendly. Whenever possible, we use products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Our philosophy is built on integrity. Our goal is to give our customers superior service, provide valuable information, and use the finest quality of products and technologies to ensure their satisfaction. We operate with a mindset to be environmentally aware, friendly and responsible. Our mission is to provide the customer with the highest-quality service available. We live up to our mission statement and philosophy through teamwork and a positive work environment within a neighborly atmosphere.

At Balance of Nature, we are committed to providing high quality Pest Control and Wildlife Removal services that protect your home and business against the devastation of termite damage, unwanted and unhealthy pests. Our history and our credentials prove it. Call us today at 609-294-1729 to find out for yourself why NJ Pest Control is your pest control professional!