Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control offers professional pest control services to the greater Houston, TX area. Barefoot offers specialized services for mosquito control, flea and tick control, termite control, and bed bug control. Barefoot also offers general pest control services for a variety of common pests found in the Houston area including ants, roaches, spiders, hornets, yellow jackets, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, moths, and beetles.

Many mosquito control companies in the Houston area only offer short term mosquito relief with mosquitoes returning soon after the mosquito treatment is applied. The Barefoot mosquito control system helps create a mosquito barrier to keep mosquitoes away longer. You also don’t have to purchase an expensive mosquito misting system or sign any long-term contracts. Mosquito relief is quick and affordable with Barefoot.

It’s time to reclaim your backyard and get rid of mosquitoes for good. Call Barefoot today at 713-554-9430 or visit to get a free online quote!

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  • general pest control, mosquito control, flea and tick control, fire ant control, bed bug control, and termite control

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  City Austin , TX
  Zip Code 78736
  Address 8060 US-290
  Phone Number (512) 400-2008

Products & Services

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquitoes have four distinct life stages (egg, larvae, pupae, adult) . Most mosquito control methods fail to control mosquito populations by focusing inadequately on only one of these life stages. The Barefoot Mosquito Control System focuses on the eradication of all four life stages to achieve 90%+ eradication of the mosquito population on a property.

Fleas & Ticks

Our flea and tick prevention service takes advantage of the large service area covered by Barefoot's mosquito service, by adding a key ingredient to stop fleas and ticks from establishing themselves on a property. Even better, this key ingredient is not a pesticide and does not compromise the safety of pets or people on the property. The flea and tick prevention service is performed in conjunction with the mosquito service and is surprisingly inexpensive.

Adding Barefoot's Flea and Tick prevention service will give you the peace of mind for you and your loved ones to enjoy your property to the fullest.

Customer Testimonials

I've using Barefoot for a about a year now and their product is incredible. Once a month we have the same service technician come out who is super polite and courteous and does a great job at explaining the products and how they work. We use them for mosquito control as we back up to a pipeline which often has sitting water and were overridden with mosquitoes. Since we have used them I can honestly say we've lived mosquito free in our yard which is great when you have a dog and 18 month old who run around out there! I would highly recommend their service to anyone!!

We are extremely pleased with the quality of service we have received! Everyone we encountered throughout the process was very friendly, explained everything thoroughly, and was able to answer all our questions. Ever since their initial visit, we have had zero issues! Everything is just as described. I very highly recommend their services!

We recently used Barefoot Mosquito for the second time at the rental house we moved temporarily into, and were amazed at the results. They use an organic garlic based spray as another poster said, and I was pretty skeptical, but we literally have not seen a mosquito in weeks... it's like night and day compared to how it was. Previously mosquitos were literally swarming any time as you came out of the house / got out of the car. Now we can enjoy our front porch, and rear deck! We'll definitely be using them next season!

We have a had such a great experience with Barefoot Mosquito. Most importantly, the mosquitos are GONE, and since they were eating my poor toddler alive, I was super concerned about chemicals and making sure these suckers left him alone. Done and done. I thought the price was fair and they are very quick to respond to all communication. We definitely recommend!

My husband and I were looking for a pest control company that used a treatment safe for our puppy. We have been seeing Barefoot signs all over the city and decided to check them out. They are quick to respond and schedule consultation and treatments. Everyone we have interacted with at Barefoot has been professional, polite, and easy to do business with. The service was prompt, they have excellent communication with each other and customers. The technician takes time to explain everything that goes into a treatment and how it is safe for pets and humans. The treatments have been very successful at managing our mosquitoes. You do have to continue to retreat for misquotes but we are able to enjoy being out in our yard with our puppy during the summer months now. We will continue to use Barefoot and can recommend them to you!

Barefoot Mosquito service is the first mosquito service we've used here it Austin. We looked for a program that was safe for pets, and Barefoot Mosquito seemed to be it. Their service is easy to schedule and provided by pleasant professionals. Our results were great. I didn't realize how bad our mosquitoes were in the backyard until we used the service. Our backyard is now useable and a favorite family spot. We are very happy we found this company!

The service we've received from Barefoot has been exceptional. They were sick to visit our house for a site inspection, which was extremely informative and not a pressure sale at all. Their expertise and customer service sold me, and we've been using them for 2 months. Guess what? No mosquitoes! What a difference from before and from last year. Great company!


The Barefoot Mosquito Control System in Austin & Houston

Barefoot Mosquito Control System stands out from other mosquito control services in the Austin and Houston, Texas area. Our 99% natural mosquito solution aims to reduce pesticide usage and minimize negative environmental impact. By comparison, other mosquito control systems are less effective, tend to rely exclusively on pesticides, and provide little to no long term mosquito repellency. Barefoot Mosquito was created to be the most effective and responsible mosquito control alternative for Texans who want to get rid of mosquitoes while limiting their exposure to pesticides.

Barefoot Mosquito Control Austin & Houston Customer Testimonials

Designed in Texas by Texans, specifically for Texas Mosquitoes, the Barefoot Mosquito Control System is the first mosquito control system that eliminates both mosquitoes and the need for automatic mosquito misting systems.

Our more than 99% natural solution not only minimizes your familys risk to harmful pathogens such as West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, but it also reduces pesticide exposure by up to 90% compared to nozzle misting systems. Better yet, our customers report the Barefoot system is much more effective than expensive nozzle systems.

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