Broadway Exterminating in uptown Manhattan has been serving the surrounding areas for over 40 years. World class service and do it yourself solutions NYC. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured. We are experts at environmentally friendly pest control.

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  City New York, NY
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Founded in 1970, Broadway Pest Services has been providing New York City with relief from pest problems for 50 years. With our customer-first approach to business, thousands of New Yorkers rely on us to eliminate New York City's toughest pests effectively and efficiently. We utilize the latest science and technology, combined with our years of experience, to perform tactical pest control. At Broadway Pest Services, our customers are our top priority. We strive to earn your business and trust in every interaction we have with you and every job we do for you.

Whether you're a homeowner, renter, or property manager, you want the living quarters you're responsible for to be safe, clean, and pest-free. While this can be difficult in a city setting, it's not impossible. You simply need the right people on your side to help. Broadway Pest Services has been providing residential pest control to New York City and the surrounding areas for five decades. Regardless of the type of living quarters that you own or rent, our licensed pest professionals can keep your home pest-free!

Cockroaches are filthy pests that spread deadly diseases, and they are tough to eradicate; furthermore, without making some changes to your home or business, they are likely to return. With three different species living in New York, you not only need to know which type you're dealing with, but which method of treatment is most effective in each case. At Broadway Pest Services, we have 50 years of experience treating American, German, and Oriental cockroach infestations. We understand the differences between the species and which treatment methods are necessary to help eliminate them.

There was a time not so long ago when bed bugs were almost entirely extinct in the United States; however, over the past 15-20 years, there has been a resurgence in their populations. Here in New York City, it began inside international hotels and hostels, but has since spread to homes and businesses all over the city. If you have a bed bug infestation in your home or business, professional pest control is a must to eliminate them. Broadway Pest Services is ready to help! At Broadway Pest Services, we have become experts at treating bed bug problems.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of rats in the city, but knowing they're here and having them in your house are two very different things. Rodents spread disease and do costly damage to property. Prompt treatment to eliminate them is imperative. If you suspect rats or mice are in your home, apartment, or business, Broadway Pest Services can help. We have decades of experience getting rid of rodents and performing highly effective exclusion work. Determining how rodents are getting inside is an essential first step in eliminating them from your home or business.

You work hard to make your business a success, but a pest infestation will threaten many aspects of that business. Broadway Pest Services provides commercial pest control to businesses in a wide variety of industries all over New York City and surrounding areas. Our friendly pest professionals will eliminate pest threats to help your business thrive. From restaurants to warehouses, office buildings to construction sites, Broadway Pest Services has the skills to treat any pest problem in any business.