Situated in Lewiston, Maine, Bug Beaters has a simple goal: to supply scientifically advanced services that are extremely effective, and remarkably safe to pets, humans, and the environment. We set out to beat pests by outsmarting them, not by applying extreme quantities of dangerous pesticide.

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  City Augusta, ME
  Zip Code 04338
  Address Po Box 2942
  Phone Number (207) 623-8881

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Bug Beaters is a Maine company with Maine values: integrity, directness, and pride in workmanship. We don't pressure prospective customers, or try to upsell into service you don't need. We don't cut corners on our quality. We are diligent in seeking out and implementing new techniques to improve our effectiveness. We strive to make our treatments safe to pets, humans, and the environment. What about cost? Most jobs can be priced over the phone, so you won't have a salesman coming to your home or business.

How can I tell if I have carpenter ant problems? Generally the sighting of carpenter ants inside a structure with any regularity is an indication of a nest within the structure. If you see carpenter ants on your deck, siding, or foundation on a regular basis, that is also an indication they may be nesting in the structure. You may also see "frass", a material that looks like sawdust. This is the byproduct of the ants' nesting activities. You may see large, black ants with wings that are over an inch in length.

What are my chances of having a tick attach to my skin? If you spend time outdoors in a rural area, you have a very good chance to "pick up" a tick. Will I know if a tick gets on me? Not necessarily. A tick will attach, and will grow as it feeds on your blood. If it is not in a spot that you commonly touch or see in the mirror (like the small of the back), it can attach, feed and detach without your knowledge. Nymphal ticks, the smallest and therefore most likely ticks to go undetected, stay attached for 24-72 hours in general.