Capitol Pest Control is a tiny, family owned firm. Our sister firm provides the same rates and covers the whole W valley, so if you do not see your area please call and we'll get you in touch with them. We provide a complete exterior and interior service, with no contracts or trip fees. The service covers all crawling insects and arachnids.

Contact Details

  City Pelahatchie, MS
  Zip Code 39145
  Phone Number (601) 919-9191

From Our Website

Capitol Pest Control has been the #1 choice for pest control for Central Mississippi since 1962. We have worked hard over the decades to earn your trust by providing fast, effective exterminator services with exceptional customer service. Our services are safe for people and animals. We take every precaution to ensure safety and 100% customer satisfaction. Today's world is a fast paced one. Work, kids, jobs, and pets take up most of daily life. Don't let what little time you have be ruined by bugs.

Mississippi is home to many pests, from the creepy crawlies to those you barely even notice at first. The problem with these pests is they often invade our homes and businesses without an invite. While some pests like ladybug beetles are not much more than a nuisance, the real problem occurs when they start appearing in sizeable numbers. It's a different story when more troublesome pests, like houseflies and cockroaches, come into your home. They merely want to feed on your leftovers and make camp in your walls, but they can lead to severe health problems and even damage your home.

Ever have the feeling you are being watched? It is not just the tag line in movie anymore. There are eyes in your bedroom, in your school, at the movies, and even in the planes you fly on. The predator who is sizing you up, is relentless. When the attack occurs, you won't hear it coming. On the movie screen you may be expecting a vampire to appear from the shadows but in real life, the culprit is even more brazen, the bed bug. Bed Bugs infestations have reached epidemic proportions in the United States.