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Use this website to find out more information about a pest that has been bothering you, contact me via email or by phone, and soon we will start adding our insect database to help customer's identify insects when desired.

If you are near the service area please contact me to see if we can set up an appointment.

Spiders - Most will not bite unless handled. There are two that do have nasty bites; The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow spiders. The Brown Recluse lives in hidden, secluded locations such as among old papers, in seldom-used shoes, cloths or in attics. Outdoors you will find them under rocks, woodpiles, and in barns and sheds. These spiders have a painful bite that may develop into an ugly, slow healing ulcer. Black Widow spiders live outdoors in dry protected areas. They are found in woodpiles, barns, and sheds, under benches.