Our company brings a higher level of professionalism to the South Georgia pest control industry. We set a new standard in safe, effective products, application techniques, and the experience to deal with every possible pest problem. It's our people, products and service that create better results. And we guarantee your satisfaction with those results. It's not just our job, it's our commitment.

We are always sensitive to environmental issues, so we take a more thoughtful approach to Georgia Pest control. We believe in using fewer chemicals, but using them more effectively. We also spend more time inspecting and monitoring, so that pesticides are only applied where the pests are. It is for this reason that we are proud to offer our Legs Up IPM pest service.

When you need special information relating to pest control, or IPM programs, Cobra Exterminating has your solutions. We provide the most comprehensive and current technical information to help identify pest problems such as bed bugs in Georgia and design solutions for you. One area of Cobra Exterminating that is becoming more and more important and popular is the Quality Assurance Program under the leadership of Carl Brown specializing in Urban Pest Management, and IPM techniques.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Thermal Heat Treatments for Bedbugs Pest control and Termite Residental and Buisness

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Carl E. Brown Sr. is currently President of the Certified Pest Control Operators Associations of GA.

Serviced Areas

  • Cordele, Tifton, Valdosta, Douglas, Fitzgerald, Dublin, Warner Robins, Albany, Americus and Waycross

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Carl E. Brown Sr.
  City Cordele, GA
  Zip Code 31015
  Address 701 E. 26th AV.
  Phone Number (229) 273-2100
  Mobile 229-322-2504

Business Representative

Carl E. Brown Sr.

owner /operator

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Carl came by today to look at the house for us and all I can say is wow. Awesome service, very polite, and overall good guy. There was no hassle at all
I'd recommend his service to anyone in need

Value for money
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Overall ratingExcellent

Social Activity

Emergency call this morning from an elderly friend from Vienna saying I hate to bother you on a Sunday but I need your services. I can’t say no to someone in need especially when they can’t get any rest from being bitten so here I’m! This has been
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Working in Tifton today with work for the next five days nothing but bed bug work. Seems things are getting worse lately we continue to try and educate people about this problem so you won’t have to deal with these nasty critters but if you do we are
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In Tifton doing a bed bug job today will be back tomorrow to do another. Slowly getting more calls lately so if you need us we are available! Remember sleep tight folks!
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Working in Thomasville today at a senior center never know where we will be going next but always ready to help those in need. I love my job it’s mighty rewarding sometimes and the people here are so nice. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Sleep tight
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Busy last week had three bed bug jobs and doing one in my hometown today. People just don’t understand until after they’ve tried everything else that they should have gotten a heat treatment first chemical treatments don’t work that well at all
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It’s been a busy last week and this week is already started nothing but bed bug work today and tomorrow. People need to be aware this problem is getting worse not better so be cautious and get informed do research on our website as well as the internet.
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Been a busy week started off Monday with a bed bug job in Cochran another one today and Albany yesterday. Have a couple more for next week people beginning to understand heat is the best way to go for getting rid of this problem so keep us in mind if
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It’s been a slow season for bed bugs since the first of the year but things are beginning to pick back up just a little. Most people waiting on this tax refunds so hurry up and get here! Sleep tight folks!
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From Our Website

Cobra Exterminating was started in 1987 by Carl E. Brown Sr. It is his passion, it is his career, and he's great at it. Not only that, but he's an honest man who runs an honest business. He won't ever sell you services you don't need, and he runs his company in such a way that you'll be pleased with his services. If you have pest control problems, including the need to remove a bed bug infestation, we would be honored to serve you. You'll see us around town-- just look for the trucks with the Cobra on the side.

If so, then Cobra Pest Control and Exterminators are your source for all things pest control related in Albany GA. We use only environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe in the home when we treat any of our clients, products that are not only safe for our world, but are also safe for your children and also for your entire family. We ourselves are a family owned business, so we recognize the need to keep your home pest free and safe, and we have served Middle Georgia for over 2 decades with quality pest control and exterminator work.

Cobra Extermination Company is your pest control services provider in Tifton GA for removing any of your pests from your home or office. We are an environmentlly safe company that uses non-toxic chemicals around the home that are safe for anyone, so that your home is clean, safe, and pest free at all times for your family and children. Our business has been around for decades, and is family owned and operated, so when you need pest control in Tifton GA you we can help you to remove termites, pests, insects, spiders, rodents, or wildlife from your home or property.

The days of a pest control professional just showing up at your door, and spraying a chemical toxic to insect life all over your home are gone. These days, pest control operators provide services in a new kind of way. We call this Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. IPM is a process, and chemicals are only a part of that strategy. IPM requires an exterminator to do an assessment of the environment where bugs have been detected. These can be any kinds of bugs or pests in the home, including: roaches, palmetto bugs, pill bugs, ants, fire ants, silverfish, or even bed bugs.

Thermal Heat Units are used to heat the rooms or entire structure up to 135 degrees. Bed bugs cannot withstand the heat and it kills all stages of this insect. If you have bed bugs in Cordele, then heating units are the only way to completely eradicate a bed bug infestation, as the chemicals that were prior used to kill them, decades ago, are no longer legal to use around the home because of safety issues. There is very little preparation work involved in doing Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs. Here is a copy of our preparation checklist.

Being a family-owned and operated Cordele Termite and Pest Control business, our Cordele Pest Control service is able to offer you that personal touch you've been looking for. Our goal is to always make all of our customers happy, and we believe in treating each customer like a part of our family. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Cobra Exterminating was started in 1987 by Carl E. Brown Sr. If you have Bed Bugs Perry, Tifton, or any other town in South Georgia we have the Thermal Heat Treatments Available.

In purchasing a home a Termite Inspection is no longer required in the State of Georgia in the Real Estate Contracts. To protect yourself from termites in Georgia, you should ALWAYS hire your own inspector to inspect a property you are interested in purchasing. We can inspect the property and give you a written report disclosing any activity or previous infestation. If Termites are found you should have a construction expert evaluate to see if any damage needs to be corrected. Here in Georgia we really only have native subterranean (ground nesting) termites.