Colonial Pest Control Inc has been providing effective, low-cost protection from pests for residential homeowners since 1984. Today Colonial Pest Control Inc has more than 8,000 satisfied residential customers under contract for preventative maintenance. Colonial Pest Control Inc handles Insect control, Rodent control, Termite Control, Wild animal and animal control. Colonial Pest Control mean what they say and do what they mean. All of Colonial Pest Control Technicians are highly trained, certified with years of experience. We are proud to say we have two Entomologists working with us as a part of our staff. No more worries call us today.

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Customer Testimonials

Extremely professional and knowledgeable! Very prompt when there is an issue and easy to work with!

We are long time customer. We always do their quarterly service. I can't say enough about Roger in office. Paul and Chris are responsible for a wonderful service.This week we had a yellow jacket nest in new construction near framing Zac came next day and handled the bees and explained what happened. Great service and and reliable company.

First timer here, but have been very upset about mice in my house. Paul was very informative and promptly found the point of entry for the mice. He was also very nice to my dogs! I am very happy with the service and warranty.

I'm a new customer with Colonial. I called in regards to mice in my townhouse. Paul Q. was very friendly and informative and a pleasure to work with. I feel more at ease knowing what signs to look for and which areas to keep my eye on. Plus I feel comfortable knowing I have a six month warranty should any issues arise. I would highly recommend Colonial Pest. Their customer service is outstanding. Let's face it- dealing with critters is no fun but working with Colonial is!


What is Colonial Pest's preventative maintenance program?

Here at Colonial Pest - - we know from experience that just because you've gotten rid of one type of pest, it doesn't mean you won't encounter another. Also, pests breed quickly and if one generation found their way into your home, you can bet the next generation will find their way too. That's why we offer a preventative maintenance program.


From Our Website

Colonial Pest Control Inc. has been serving Central and Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 1984, providing effective, low-cost, and reliable protection from pests for our residential customers. Our highly trained, committed, and state licensed team of specialists will customize a plan to protect your family and your home from pest invaders. Colonial Pest Control is committed to the safety and health of our employees, customers, and public health. As a recognized essential service, we will be here for you and operating through this uncertain time.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our services*, if something is still bugging you after we've left, we will make it right, at no extra charge. That's our promise to you: the Colonial 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The Colonial 100% Satisfaction Guarantee has guided Colonial Pest Control since day one. Now, 35 years later, with tens of thousands of satisfied residential customers and nearly 10,000 more currently under preventative maintenance contract, the Colonial 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means a lot to a lot of people.

Carpenter bees don't get as much press as termites when it comes to damaging wood, but they shouldn't be ignored. Carpenter bee control is crucial for maintaining the cosmetic and structural integrity of your home. Like carpenter ants, carpenter bees don't actually eat the wood; they chew into it to create a nest and galleries for development of their young. Carpenter bees are easily confused with bumble bees. Both are large, yellow and black, and noisy. While bumble bees have a fuzzy black abdomen, carpenter bees have a smooth, shiny black abdomen.

Cockroaches are one pest that has totally adapted to living with people. They live where we live, they eat what we eat. They run rapidly, hide well, eat anything, and have an amazing reproductive capability. Cockroaches are very successful pests, which is why you need the services of a successful cockroach control company! The German cockroach is the number one cockroach pest of homes, apartments, and restaurants. It hides during the day and scavenges on a wide range of foods at night. German cockroaches generally live within 12 feet of food and water.

Colonial Pest Control has been providing the New England area with expert termite control services since 1984. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced technicians who employ effective, low impact, low toxicity termite treatment methods to take care of your termite infestation problem. Since subterranean termites require high moisture levels, they build their colonies in soil but forage away from the colony looking for wood to eat and tunnel in. Often they build mud shelter tubes on the surface of structures to help them stay moist while traveling between the soil below and the wood above.

We understand there's a lot more to Pest Control than just spraying insecticide, or laying down a few traps. This is why we've developed our comprehensive, low toxicity and highly effective treatment methods. We know your biggest asset is your home or business, so you can depend on us to eliminate your pest problems that threaten the value of your property. Our program provides a continuous barrier of protection for the entire pest season with only two exterior applications per year. Found in virtually every city and town in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, bees and wasps (yellow jackets and hornets are wasps) use their ability to sting to defend their colony or themselves.

Bees and wasps are insects that are closely related to ants and belong to the order hymenoptera. They are found locally in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and on every continent except for Antarctica and are usually considered beneficial insects until they begin to inhabit areas frequented by humans. Because of their ability to sting, they then become classified as pests. Bee removal and wasp control can be quite difficult and it is best to call on the expertise of an established bee exterminator and wasp control company if your family is threatened by these insects living in or around your home.