We're a family run and operated firm located in Fond du Lac. We supply complete service Wildlife Control as well as Insect and Rodent Control. We encourage everyone visiting our site to read through all informational pages before contacting us. The additional pages of our website can answer many of our most frequently asked questions.

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  City Beaver Dam, WI
  Zip Code 53916
  Phone Number (920) 907-1529

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Critters Inc. is a family of companies that is family owned and operated with it's main office located in Oakfield, Wisconsin. We service all 27 south-eastern Wisconsin Counties. So if your looking for pest & wildlife control in Madison or surrounding areas, were are here to help! Critters Inc. handles all species of wildlife & pest control, from insect or rodent issues to bats and raccoons, lawn care and snow removal plus much more! With competitive rates, experienced technicians, and an understanding of family values, Critters Inc. family owned and operated companies will be sure to provide you with the respect and quality you deserve!

Critters Inc. is a culmination of the development of four distinct companies founded over 20 years ago. In 1996, Crit R Gitters Wildlife and Pest Control was started by Daniel "Buck" Wiese. During the start-up of the company, we performed residential wildlife control, specialized in rural agricultural wildlife control and pest management. In 2003, Timothy Wiese took over the main operations of Crit R Gitters and Buck took over the role of Field Technician Coordinator. By 2008, Crit R Gitters was developing a more specialized team of products and services allowing us to focus on residential, commercial, and industrial projects as well as continuing our agricultural work.

Typically the first sign of a bat infestation is witnessing a bat in the living space of your home, attic, or even roosting in the eaves of your property. Since bats are nocturnal, if you notice a group of them during the day in your attic and leaving at dusk to feed - you definitely have a bat infestation. Clumped together bat droppings, known as guano, is likely to cause an ammonia-like odor in your property. Distinct scratching coming from the attic throughout the night and occasionally during the day is another typical way the discovery of a bat problem is found.

If you see a group of bees like the one pictured to the left, call Bee Force immediately! Let us help you determine if they are in fact honey bees or another type of bee or wasp. NEVER spray clusters of bees like this until you have spoken with a professional beekeeper. We have beekeepers on staff that can help answer your questions! Honey bees are a beneficial part of the eco-system and provide pollination services to many of the foods you eat. Without the honey bee, many species of plants would not be able to survive or provide fruit & vegetables we depend on.