These systems are not only safer, but they outperform conventional methods for a lower price. Interior toxins are the leading cause of allergy, athsma, and other breathing issues for your family & pets. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at your situation. Call or e-mail for pest control pricing and information.

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Eco Pest is THE ONLY company in Arizona with a pest program that is 100% natural and botanical, and backed by the "EcoPURE" seal. Other companies claim to be "environmentally friendly" and "safe for kids and pets", but the truth is they all use neurotoxic poisons. Eco Pest is the exclusive testing company for BioPURE botanicals, a newly emerging line of all natural biocides, making your home part of the field research. Thank you for your contribution to a less toxic world! Eco Pest has focused for a decade on developing custom blended biocides, for our local community.

In 2006, the founder of Eco Pest was frustrated working in an industry that was purely "toxin driven". Further influenced by his wife, who has extreme sensitivity to chemicals, and two children with an auto-immune disease, a decision was made to start a company pursuing a solution for this toxic problem. All of our research is done here in the Tucson Valley. Insects are collected from our local Sonoran Desert, trials and lab testing is done at our facility in Marana, AZ. Successful trials move on to field testing at homes in your neighborhood.

In Arizona termites are serious business, and proper control measures are important to protect your most valuable asset - your home! However, many people are shocked to discover that an average size home will require 100-200 gallons of traditional toxic termiticide to protect that asset. A huge amount of poison that your family is exposed to everyday, year after year. It's a growing concern that pesticide exposure is one of the factors leading to birth defects, autism, cancer, auto-immune disease, and developmental issues.

During the winter rains or summer monsoon, desert weeds can take over your property fast. Eco Pest is here to help you reclaim your piece of the desert, and maintain a beautiful weed free environment. Eco Pest offers seasonal pre-emergent treatments to prevent seed germination, and post-emergent treatments throughout the year to keep your yard neat and tidy. With a full program you can also avoid those annoying HOA letters too.

Pest control in the desert is serious business. So many things creep & crawl, bite & sting, slither & sneak. Out there in the open desert those things are fine, but most of us prefer not to encounter those creatures in our home or yard. We all want to protect our families, kids, and pets, right? We apply up to 10 times the volume of a regular pest company, the blended mixtures are Natural & Non-Toxic, and our internal lab tests show they outperform synthetic pesticides. On top of that they smell fresh & floral, and treatments cost less than those big companies out there.