Eliminex Pest Control was opened on the principle of offering quality pest control services with superior client satisfaction. Since 1983 our quality oriented employees have provided these services with the pride and care necessary to produce excellent results. All work is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Kevin O'Connor

President / Entomologist

Products & Services

Eliminex Pest Control Inc. provides a wide diversity of home pest control services. Whether you need to eliminate a new pest infestation or require a pest prevention service - Eliminex Pest Control has all your pest control answers! We are dedicated to offering our services using the IPM (integrated pest management) concept. IPM incorporates alll aspects of pest prevention involving inspection, exclusion, mechanical and chemical control techniques all while utilizing minimal amounts of environmentally sensitive products. We offer the following residential pest control services: Ask about our all Green Pest Control programs.

Commercial accounts are among the most challenging and environmentally sensitive accounts in the pest control field. Eliminex Pest Control commercial pest control technicians keep these sensitive environments pest free at all times, in a safe and effective manner. This is where our seasoned, NYS certified Eliminex Pest Control technicians shine through time and time again. Our company Urban Entomologist develops custom Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs that are backed by our comprehensive 100% satisfaction guarantees! Eliminex technicians use the latest technologies to eliminate pests before they become problems. No matter which industry you work in. Eliminex Pest Control Inc. can design an IPM program that works for you.

Eliminex Pest Control Inc. can protect your home from the threat of termite attack and structural damage. Through advances are termite control technologies, pest control operators have a wealth of new highly effective tools to eliminate termites from structures just like yours. Perhaps the biggest advance in the field was the invention of termite control baiting systems. The Advance Termite Baiting system has been proven to eliminate termite colonies in and around your house and property. Additionally non-repellant termiticides such as Phantom termiticide and Premise foam has added to the termite control arsenal in New York State. Finally, borate based wood treatment products, such as BoraCare wood treatment; add yet another layer of protection to your home.