Do you have pests in your home or business? Exterminate them now with our safe treatments to eliminate insects, rodents, bees, spiders, termites, bed bugs, roaches, and more. If you have an infestation on your hand, we can help set traps, bait, and kill the bugs immediately. See why we are New Rochelle's #1 pest control company for many years running.

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Ant Removal

Our treatment plan involves:
a) Sending over a pest management consultant to inspect your home and assess the extent of the infestation.
b) Our consultants recommend the most appropriate treatment options based on the nature and extent of the infestation, and the premises. The consultant will then give you a cost estimate.
c) After approval of the charges, our consultant will send over a team of experts, at the most convenient time for you and your home or business.
d) We'll then set up a follow-up plan to conduct regular monitoring and inspection in order to prevent the problem from recurring.

Bed Bug Removal

There are many recommended way of combating a bed bug infestation, and each has its own degree of effectiveness. Our experts rely on years of experience to determine the best solution for your home. Some of the popular options include:
a) Hepa vacuum treatments
b) Ambient heating services
c) Freezing using liquid CO2
d) Low-risk pesticide application
e) Mattress encasements and covers
We also employ canine detection technology, which relies on dogs professionally trained to sniff out both live bed bugs and their eggs. The dogs are handled by professionals and their success rate in detecting bugs is over 90%. All these measures are taken to ensure that no corner is left unturned.


At Emergency Pest Control, we don't just want to come in when the damage is done. We have a strong emphasis on preventive extermination, which aims at early identification and removal of not just the termites, but also other pests that may be identified during the initial home inspection and screening.

Our extermination procedures are thorough and elaborate. We begin by installing monitoring devices (at ground level) in the soil around your home to provide continuous monitoring and protection. In case termites are identified, the devices release pesticides, while taking care not to contaminate the water. This makes them very safe and environmental-friendly.

To achieve superior protection and a fool-proof extermination, we currently rely on the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination Systems manufactured by Dow. The system has received local and global recognition for its effectiveness, environmental awareness, reliability, and non-invasive protection. Dow has received a Presidential Green Award for developing green, eco-friendly products.


Emergency Pest Control creates customized rodent management plans for every residence or establishment. The plan addresses the problems occurring at all levels such as entry points, perimeters, and nesting sites, among others. All our plans are, of course, preceded by a thorough home inspection by our team of experts to assess the extent of the infestation and possible damages.

We'll proceed to install about 2-3 dozen block products (baits) approved for rodent control, in strategic locations such as the roof and at the base of your house. In commercial establishments, or in areas accessible to children and pets, we'll install rat or mice lockable boxes to safeguard your loved ones.

We also install rodent traps and electronic monitors to ensure that none of the slippery creatures goes undetected. Other solutions recommended by our integrated rodents management plan include sanitation, trapping, and upholding good hygiene practices. All our rodent and pest control solutions are safe and environmentally sound and bear no risk to you and your family.

Customer Testimonials

They are an amazing bunch of experts who got rid of the pests from my house. Thank you for ensuring i get a good night sleep by removing bugs and pests from our house.

Thank you EPC! Your pest control has been like a new life after such a tormenting experience at the pests in my living.


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