Serving Indiana County for over thirty five years! We are the ONLY local pest control firm in Indiana. We have been operating and serving our clients in Indiana since 1974. With our service comes years of experience and experience. On our website, you can find answers to questions regarding common pests and not-so-common pests.

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  City Indiana, PA
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  Address 310 Gompers Avnue
  Phone Number (724) 349-7900

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We specialize in treating many different commercial settings - - Bars, Restaurants, and kitchens - Hotels - Hospitals - Breweries and distilleries. We have a custom solution to service the pest control needs of your business. Areas we service include: Indiana, Homer City, Blairsville, Blacklick, Marion Center, Clymer, Shelocta, Elderton, Creekside, Ernest, and most other areas in Indiana County Pennsylvania.

Protect your home from invading pests! Is your home protected from occasional invaders like ants, beetles, centipedes, pill bugs, and other annoying pests? Are you tired of having cobwebs and spiders in your basement? If so, we are here to help! Our perimeter home treatment will keep out the above mentioned insects, as well as other pests that you may not even know you have! Our perimeter treatment is applied by certified and registered pest management professionals. Our odorless and non-staining material is applied where insects gain entry to your home.

We offer spraying, trap harvesting, and monitoring of mosquitoes in both residential and commercial settings. Our professional mosquito control involves an inspection of your property. A pest control technician will look around your property to identify areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed or rest - such as standing water and in your landscaping. Once the areas have been identified, our mosquito spray treatments consists of a misting application with a backpack powered mister to foliage, under decks, and areas where mosquitoes rest during the day.

We are very knowledgeable in our spider control treatments. They like to harbor in areas such as: basements, attics, windows, and the corners of your home. We treat many homes and businesses at scheduled service visits to maintain a protective residual barrier in order to minimize spiders and keep them from becoming a nuisance. We also do one-time clean-out treatments to rid your home or business of spiders. You can contact us for more information.

We have over 45+ years of experience and knowledge of Termites and Termite Control and Colony Elimination. We offer 2 types of termite treatments: Conventional Soil Treatments and Termite Baiting Systems. All termite treatments are going to be different, and we feel that there is not just one solution to every problem. We use combinations of treatments based on the size, type of construction, location, etc of each home or structure. Please do not hesitate to call us for more information. These treatments are done in areas where there are no wells, springs, or nearby bodies of water.

Depending on your situation, we offer a specific plan to get rid of flies in your home, office, or business setting. Whether it is fruit flies around a bar, gnats coming from house plants, or cluster flies over-wintering in your attic, we are here to help. We have solutions available that provide immediate reduction in fly populations in these areas. Call us today for our treatment options!

There are certain preparations that must be made in order for our treatments to be successful. Please call our office for more information or if you would like to schedule a treatment. Bed bugs often come into a home via secondhand articles and furniture. They may also migrate between homes via wires or plumbing. In addition, since warehouses, trucks, and railroad cars may be infested, common bed bugs can infest homes by stowing away on new furniture stored or shipped from these places. Aprehend® is a 'microbial biopesticide, ' meaning that it consists of a microorganism (e.g., a bacterium, fungus, virus or protozoan) as the active ingredient.

We can treat nests of stinging insects during daylight hours due to the safety gear our technicians use. Nest removal is included in the cost (depending on location and accessibility). Through education of consumers, promotion of pollinator-friendly plants, safe pesticide application, and following best-practice policies, we want to preserve pollinating bees and insects to keep our plants and crops healthy and bountiful.