Locally owned by an Aggie and Board Certified Entomologist, we offer excellent service at reasonable prices. You won't be disappointed!

Run by a Board Certified Entomologist, and graduate from Texas A&M's Entomology program, we have made it our goal to offer the best pest control service in the region. In case your home is being invaded by ants, termites, mosquitoes, or some other pest, we design each treatment to offer excellent results for your particular requirements. Insects are the most diverse form of life on the planet, treatment will necessarily vary. When you call Excel Pest Management you can depend on us to know what to do. Protecting your home and what's in there is top priority.

What is a Board Certified Entomologist anyway? Entomology is the study of insects. To become bolicensednced a person must have a degree in entomology, years of experience in an entomological field, pass several rigorous examinations to test their knowledge, meet a minimum of 40 hours of continuing training every year, and ascribe to a code of ethical conduct. Those sound like pretty good reasons to choose a Board Certified Entomologist!

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  • Pest Control, Termites, Mosquito

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  • Board Certified Entomologist

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  • League City, Clear Lake, Webster, Seabrook, Kemah, Pearland, Friendswood, Dickinson, and more.

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Excel Pest Management offers a premium pest control service at low prices. We use only the best materials and most advanced methods.

The #1 question asked by residential pest control customers is "what do you do? ". It depends. From a layman's perspective, "They're just bugs, spray 'em! ". However, from a Board Certified Entomologist's perspective, there are great differences between each insect species and each responds differently to various approaches. There are some pests for which no pesticide application is effective and other control techniques must be utilized. However, most insect pests do respond to some form of treatment, but it varies greatly. Proper treatments for ants, roaches, spiders, or silverfish bear no resemblance to one another. Relying on an understanding of the biology, behavior, and reproduction of each particular pest has allowed us to custom tailor a specific treatment for whatever pest has invaded your home for maximum effectiveness. What if you have more than one pest? Typically, applications for different pests can be done simultaneously, but sometimes we stagger the applications. This is particularly true with ants. When establishing service for new customers we usually get the ant problems under control first and then make a general pest control application that works for keeping most pests at bay.

The other common question is "is this safe for us, the children, and pets? ". All of our applications are made in such a manner as to keep any exposure to pesticides at an absolute minimum. Most pest problems can be solved by treating the exterior of your home, and that is were treatment is focused. We take great care when servicing the inside of your home, if inside treatment is desired, to ensure that you are comfortable with the work being performed and have several different methods of inside treatment available for you to pick from.

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Andrew with Excel Pest Management does a wonderful job. His attention to detail keeps our residence free from bugs and unwanted critters. We have found his professionalism and customer service rate among the best!

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Standards and regulations set forth by the American Institute of Baking, Food and Drug Administration, and others are no problem. If you require or prefer a customized reporting system we can work out those details with you. We specialize in clear communication. If you have a particular need or desire, let us know and we'll make it happen. Miscommunication and failure to deliver on time is easily the most common source of frustration for business owners and managers and that is why it is our #1 priority to find out what you want, when you want it, and make sure that is what we deliver.

With our mosquito treatments you can have freedom at last, affordable and fast! You can take your yard back and entertain, play, or cook barbecue instead being the feast and entertainment for hordes of hungry mosquitoes. Our treatments are direct applications into the areas where mosquitoes rest and breed. Mosquitoes don't like the heat and are not good long distance fliers so they stop regularly and land in shady areas on their way to your yard. By treating those areas we stop them from making it to the feast.

Termites are social insects that live in subterranean colonies but come up to the surface to search for wood to eat. They can live deep underground or be relatively shallow, but always above the water table. Even when traveling through the soil, termites construct mud tubes to protect them and maintain a constant humidity. If you have termites you may be able to locate these along the outside of the foundation wall, but it's best if you leave them undisturbed. A common question is to ask where they came from and how you got them in the first place.