Extreme Exterminating is a full service pest control company serving Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. We offer solutions for General Pest Control, Nuisance Animal Control, and Termites. Call today for a free inspection. Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Termites, Powderpost Beetles, Bed Bugs, Meal Moths, Roaches, Earwigs, Box Elder Bugs, Stinging Insects. Bald Faced Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Bumble Bees, Carpenter Ants, Honey Bees, Wasps, English Hornets, Mice, Rats, Moles, Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels, Woodchucks, Muskrats.

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Our residential Seasonal Exterior Program gives you the bug-free home you want without the hassle of having exterminators come into your home or having to clear out during the process. This program includes multiple visits from us to spray insect and pest barriers that will keep your home bug-free throughout the year. As part of the Seasonal Exterior Program, our exterminators visit your property monthly, seven months out of the year. One major advantage of this program is that your involvement during our visits is not necessary. We can make your monthly visit without accessing the home interior, so you don't even need to be on the premises during service. We can make predetermined payment arrangements as well.

In addition to our Seasonal Exterior Program, we can provide specialized residential treatments and extermination solutions to take care of any current infestation. Our exterminators apply a comprehensive approach with all of our exterminating services, so we can not only remove the problem, but also help you find and correct the source of the issue.


Insects, rodents, and other pests can spread diseases, damage your property, and threaten the reputation of your business. The best way to ensure that your property is secured from uninvited guests is by contacting Extreme Exterminating. For those in the foodservice industry, knowing what could be a threat to the sanctity of your building can make a huge difference in your health inspections. Even in other business sectors, the presence of pests can be hazardous to health and property alike. We offer full service commercial exterminating treatment and prevention for your building, providing maintenance treatments and routine checks as part of our comprehensive pest control program.

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Fantastic experience! Boxelder bugs gone for good! Fast, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I will use them again for regular pest control.

Had my exterior sprayed because of lady beetles, boxelder bugs, and stink bugs. Extreme Exterminating did a great job! They were fast, reasonably priced, and very thorough.

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Michigan is home to many species of bugs, rodents, and other small animals. While they all have their place within our ecosystem, they shouldn't have a place in your home or business. Our exterminators provide professional, highly-effective pest control solutions! Don't wait until your nest, swarm, hive, or group of intruders grows into an even bigger bother; reach out to Extreme Exterminating now for service that keeps your home and business shielded from all unwanted intruders. No matter what type of intruder is bugging you, our exterminators have you covered with high-quality pest control solutions.

Extreme Exterminating is a local family-owned pest control company founded in 2004. Our mission is to provide the most effective and comprehensive extermination and pest control services possible. We use proven methods of extermination and removal for a wide variety of pests from ants and bed bugs to rats and moles. In doing so, we aim to source as many of our pest control products and materials locally and domestically as possible. In turn, our customers who also value utilizing local services are able to do the same by hiring Extreme Exterminating to handle their pest control needs.

Rats are a nuisance, destructive, unsanitary, and can carry dangerous bacteria and viruses. You may become aware of a rat infestation due to scratching sounds from walls, floors, or ceilings. Evidence of an infestation may also be discovered by their droppings. Other signs of an infestation include the strong scent of urine and chewed holes in siding, molding, or cupboards. A rat's nesting habits can cause difficult-to-repair structural damage to your building, and their eating habits can cause contamination of food stores and food preparation areas.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult bugs to remove. Their extermination requires treatment by trained and experienced professionals in order to be successful, especially in the case of extensive infestation. While the bed bug often stays out of human sight, their effects can still be seen if they are present. Bed bugs feed on human blood, often while a person is sleeping, and therefore they are typically found living in mattresses and linens. In addition to the nuisance of bed bug bites, you can find evidence of bed bugs in bedding materials due to their tendency to leave traces of fecal matter behind.

The house ant's average colony contains 3000-4000 members. These busy insects will scour your home or business for food, and once they do, they keep coming back. There are many types of ants you may find in your home or business, and some are more of a threat than others. Pharaoh ants, for example, will often infest food and food storage areas. While carpenter ants will also search your home for food, they are also a threat to your furniture and building because they burrow in wood while creating their nests.

Of all of the creepy crawly intruders you might find in your home, a spider (or many spiders) can be the most startling. With so many species of spiders, it can be difficult to tell what threats the unwanted guest or guests might bring. Many spiders can bite humans, and some even carry venom which can cause serious illness. On the other hand, some spiders in your home or business may not be a threat to you physically, but are still unwelcome and can cause the property to appear unkept. Our most popular treatment for spiders is our Seasonal Exterior Program, which provides a monthly full exterior application to your home or business.

Nobody likes an unwanted guest in their home - especially if it's creepy, crawly, or dangerous! Our Extreme Exterminating professionals will eliminate pests from your home and prevent future infestations with our specialized Michigan residential exterminator services. Pests can do significant damage to your home and property if left untreated. They can also be the cause of negative health effects for you, your family, and your pets, which is why it's best to call us right away. We provide specialized residential extermination services to take care of any current pest problems and prevent future infestations.

Property pest inspections or Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Reports using form NPMA-33 are often required for real-estate transactions. Extreme Exterminating offers thorough pest inspections for all purposes including Real-Estate Reports for buyers and lenders. Our exterminators are skilled and experienced, and will provide the complete report you need. Inspections are also a useful tool in any thorough pest control application and can give our exterminators the information needed to devise and employ the best possible pest control solutions in your home or business.