Foothills Pest Control offer experienced pest management solutions to homes and businesses in the Foothills / East TN Area: Specializing in Fire Ants, our inspections and treatments cover a wide range of common pests for every area of your property, inside and out.

WE Control ANTS & SPIDERS, (Black widows & Brown Recluse) SCORPIONS, Roaches, crickets, earwigs, BEES, WASPS MOSQUITOES MICE & RATS. Most infestations originate outdoors. The goal of our exterior-focused service is to establish a high-quality barrier and to treat pest harborages and populations where they live, feed and breed. When this exterior barrier is reinforced on a regular basis., the need for interior service is dramatically reduced. If interior service is ever required, please feel free to contact us for a no-charge treatment.

Serviced Areas

  • Blount, Loudon, Knox, Sevier, and Monroe Counties

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  • Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, MasterCard, Money Orders, Personal Checks, VISA

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  City Maryville, TN
  Zip Code 37801
  Address 6416 Oris Miller Rd
  Phone Number (865) 856-0911

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Ants are another pest which can be very difficult to control. There are many types of ants. It is important to choose the correct method of treatment. Use of over the counter products can repel ants, & cause them to split and spread into multiple colonies. This could result in taking longer to gain control, & cause more frustration for your family. Because a home owner will not usually see this pest, Termites can go undetected year after year. By the time you see signs of termites, it is too late.