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Your team of pest control experts have performed pest control here for over a decade and are fully insured and licensed. Skilled in all phases of pest management, we're prepared to meet any challenge and solve any problems you may be encountering, from insects to rodents to wildlife, we do it all! Most importantly, we're family and budget-friendly. We recognize that there's usually more than one solution to control a particular kind of pest, and we pride ourselves in working closely with you to carefully explain and weigh the pros-and-cons of each treatment to find the one that best suits you and your family's needs.

At Gary's, we focus on making your business a safer, cleaner and pest-free place to work. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your premises and provide you with detailed alternatives, clearly describe the steps, the costs, and the expected outcomes. Because pest control is a strategy, you probably realize by now that you can talk to several different pest control companies and get several different cost quotes. That's simply because pest control companies don't all operate in the same manner nor do we employ the same strategies or resources.

Are there spider webs and other insects inhabiting your exterior walls, maybe a boathouse as well?

The American cockroach is one of the largest roaches in North America, measuring up to 1.5 long. It prefers dark, moist locations where it can feed on decaying organic matter. We generally find them underneath houses and buildings during inspections. If you're having problem seeing this roach, the source is almost always underneath your home. The German cockroach is a structure-infesting insect that prefers warm, moist areas close to food sources to live. Contrary to what some people believe, this roach doesn't run from house to house, unless it's on fire.

The snakes we've included on this page are the most commonly found in our area of East Texas. We've divided the snakes into two sections: Venomous and Non-venomous. The following diagram portrays the primary physical differences between our venomous and non-venomous snakes we have listed on this site. Important to note that these snakes are very good swimmers. Their bodies float on top of the water whereas other water snakes don't. They also tend to be very aggressive when cornered and have the ability to bite underwater.

Upon our visit, we will inspect your home, advise you about effective treatments, and then get the job done. We'll also be happy to set up a regular maintenance schedule so that your home, work environment, or organization can stay pest-free.

The purpose of this section is to provide a verified source of physical identification to our customers. It is NOT intended to be an exhaustive source of information since there is plenty of information available on thousands of other web sites.

These three ants generate, by far, the most trouble and the most phone calls of any other ants we deal with here in East Texas. We've pictured them along with some particular details to help you discern the differences. We like to refer to this ant as a "carpenter ant wanna be" because they tend to produce alot of ant frass (debris) that causes homeowners to believe they have a carpenter ant problem. This ant doesn't chew any wood but it does prefer nesting inside a home as opposed to remaining outdoors in the wild.