My father, Jimmie, began a tiny pest control firm in 1963 with one aim, delivering his clients with dependable individual service. Through the years we currently have grown bigger but we still supply that same dependable individual service. With the best staff in Texas let us keep your home and business pest free!

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Of greater concern, is the fact that they are vectors of numerous human diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis. In our area, the West Nile Virus is of more concern. This virus is commonly spread by the bite of a mosquito that has fed on an infected bird. Mosquitoes cannot transmit the virus from one person to another. Mosquitoes have adapted to almost every kind of aquatic situation such as permanent ponds and marshes, drainage ditches, and water standing in containers. Gillen Pest Control can help your enjoy your outdoor living space this summer without the "pesky" mosquito.

Gillen Pest Control's highly trained professionals know where bugs hide, what their eating and breeding habits are, and how to get rid of them. We try to avoid the use of chemicals inside by working with you to create a barrier on the outside of your home or business, thus keeping those unwanted pest at bay. We will treat your home or business with our perimeter plan. Think of this plan as an uninterrupted band of protection around your home. We have combined the effectiveness of our thorough interior inspection and baiting program with our effective quarterly perimeter program.

Many of us work in our yards each weekend trying to keep the weeds at bay and the occasional fire ant infestation in check, but many of us are unaware of the many insects that can live in the soil beneath our lawns and the damage they can cause. There are also different types of fungus that can attack our lawns causing the grass to die. The Southern Cinch Bug displays a preference for St. Augustine grass, which is the typical variety of grass in our lawns. The Southern Cinch Bug thrives during the warm summer months.

Yet it is the most preventable of all of those disasters. Living in the Gulf Coast means that your home or business is on the termite hit list, it will be only a matter of time before they strike! Gillen Pest Control can control Subterranean termites with the Sentricon Always Active Baiting System. We are frequently asked, "What are these small black, winged insects I am finding in my home?" Swarming termites are often confused with ants but can be distinguished by two simple characters. Termites lack the "pinched" waist of ants.

By treating the exterior of your home or business, pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever get inside and invade your living space where they can cause problems. One of the nicest things about our perimeter treatment is that it is easy on you. Unlike an indoor treatment where you may need to cover or move certain items, there is little to do on your part prior to the technician performing the treatment. Simply close any windows and pick up any toys, tools or garden hoses lying next to your home or business.