There is only one GOPHER HEAVEN! Doing what others wish they could since 1969, Safely rid property of Gophers, Moles, Prairie Dogs and other underground damaging rodents, No poison baits, smoke bombs or traps, unlike wire and spring traps which are only about 30 % effective the Gopher Heaven is nearly 100% effective and one five minute treatment cost less than 20 cents and treats at least 2500 square feet, And at just 21lbs its easy to carry and start - just set on open Rodent hole, start engine , run five minutes, stop, cover hole. Not one at a time either, The Gopher Heaven takes care of the the WHOLE Family all at once. The carbon monoxide is forced into the hole at 22 PSI and being heavier than air it remains underground and in short order the rodents are put to sleep FOREVER! Full price for the Gopher Heaven is $ 350. Plus $ 50 priority mail shipping. I am 70 years young and the Inventor/Manufacture, no middle man, Thanks for looking. Steve six 23-842-3902 OR

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  • Simply ! proven and guaranteed to be the best underground rodent control machine in the world !

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  • Doing what others wish they could since 1969 ! , Thank You

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  • Shipped nationwide after purchase

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  Person Mr Steve Beatty
  City Glendale , AZ
  Zip Code 85303
  Address 7308 W. Griffin lane
  Phone Number (623) 842-3902
  Mobile 6238423902

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Mr Steve Beatty


Steve Beatty is the manufacture of the GOPHER HEAVEN machine, The machine is for the purchaser to use to control rodents on there own property or other persons property if requested. The Gopher Heaven machine is sold to individual property owners, golf courses, cemeteries, resorts, airports, schools, horse and livestock acreage, cities, parks, nurseries, landscape and pest control companies among others

Customer Testimonials

We bought Gopher Heaven 3 weeks ago, used it 2 weeks ago and haven't seen any new activity in that time. We go outside and check all the time, but no new holes, mounds, or killed plants. We can hardly believe it! We have had gophers for 20 years, and have tried poison, garlic sticks, gum, expanding foam, traps, sonic vibration, water, caster oil granules, peppermint leaves and oil, and except for the expanding bug foam they have always come back, But this worked! Worth every penny.

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Need to get rid of underground rodents in a hurry? Visit to learn how our equipment gets the job done in just five minutes!
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Got gophers to get rid of? Just set our machine on top of an open rodent hole, start the engine, run the machine for five minutes, then turn it off and cover up the hole! Visit to learn more about our helpful
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Never worry again about underground rodents taking over your lawn. Visit to learn how our rodent control solution helps you get rid of prairie dogs, moles, voles, and gophers for good!
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Tired of gophers ruining your hard work? We have a permanent solution for commercial landscapers! Find out more at
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Want to safely rid your property of gophers, moles, prairie dogs, or any underground damaging rodents without the use of poisons, smoke bombs, or traps? Visit to learn how our easy-to-use machine can do
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