Hearts Pest Management became the first EcoWise Certified company in southern California in 2006, demonstrating leadership and determination to better the profession and service. It our devotion to our employees, we seek to be the Starbucks of pest control, with the best benefits and the best career programs, ultimately creating a consulting technician passionately concerned with fulfilling your every expectation. The San Diego Union-Tribune recognized us for this devotion in "A Good Buzz."

The company is now a major presence in the Southern California pest control marketplace. As of January 2010, Hearts has grown nearly 1000% since purchasing the business in January 2002. Hearts has strived to retain the personal touch of a small entity in relations with customers and employees, while striving for excellence and consistency of service as the organization expands.

We offer much more than basic spray and go ant and spider control service. Hearts has always believed in providing full and free consultation and inspection to educate customers, properly scope their concerns and to provide complete solutions, not band-aids.

Hearts provides comprehensive pest control specialties in:

organic pest control - ants and spiders
rodent control - rats and mice
burrowing rodents - gophers and squirrels
residential, commercial and landscape pest control
bee removal
bed bed, bird and mite control

Hearts has also become one of the few pest control companies in this region licensed to perform both structural and landscape services. Our landscape services include solutions for fruiting and ornamental trees and shrubs as well as for lawns.

We look for the brightest and train our pest control technicians to view themselves as consultants. Our consulting pest control technicians are patient, knowledgeable and ready to provide best-of-practice treatment.

Our jobs are sometimes routine, but when our customers need that extra TLC, they get it from someone who cares. When our customers ask us to reach into our bag for in-depth knowledge, they know they can count on us to provide correct and complete answers to their pest problems....And they know we are ready and able to handle the most difficult jobs. Ultimately, our job is to take studied risks, under all the necessary safeguards, so that our customers may enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Organic pest control
  • Residential pest control
  • Commerical pest control
  • Landscape pest control
  • Rat and mice trapping, exclusion, cleanup, decontamination, insulation
  • Bird removal, exclusion, cleanup, power washing, decontamination, insulation
  • Gopher control
  • Bed bug control
  • Bee removal

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
  • EcoWise Certified
  • Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC)
  • Contributer - Pest Management Professional Magazine

Serviced Areas

  • Southern California, Los Angles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino

Payment Options

  • American Express, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Cash

Contact Details

  Person Gerry Weitz
  City Los Angeles, CA
  Phone Number (800) 986-1006
  Tollfree 800-986-1006
  Fax 858-486-3639

Business Representative

Gerry Weitz


Hearts Pest Management, Inc., is owned by Gerry Weitz, M.S.W. and his wife, Karen Shaw, Phd. Molecular Biology/Genetics. Karen is internationally known in her scientific discipline.

Gerry Weitz worked in senior management at two of the best run American companies, ADP and Ernst & Young. When the dot.com crash of 2001 caused Gerry to reassess his career, he drew on his experience with these best of breed companies and prior experience in human resources and farming earlier in life. When he saw a small pest control company with potential, he consolidated his life experiences around a new venture in pest control.

Gerry evolved a philosophy of pest control unique to the industry, creating the consulting pest control technician," trained to provide added-value, to "Continuously Improving the Way it's Done!"

  • I would recommend this business
  • Sincere and reasonably priced!

Hearts Pest Management has been good to our family. We've had the service for many years, now, and we are quite pleased at the results. Gophers are a huge challenge, but Hearts is relentless in eradicating them, so, our property is the flagship of the neighborhood. Hearts is honest and fully dedicated to making us as happy as possible, since Hearts appreciates that our home is one of our most valued possessions. I have full faith in this company's abilities and commitment to our satisfaction. Give them a call...

Value for moneyEconomical
Service & supportSteadfast
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Competitive cost very customer friendly!

From the company CEO, Gerry Weitz, to the technical people and office support staff, Hearts Pest Management is a solid and ethical organization. It has proven itself to me throughout the years and I give this company my strongest possible recommendation. They stand by their work and word, which, in this day and age is rather rare. The costs are reasonable, especially for people on fixed incomes, and from what I gather, Hearts strives to work with those in all income categories. Hearts is an A-Z pest control delivery firm, that is environmentally friendly and safe, yet effective.

Value for moneyGood deal
Service & supportThorough
QualityTip top
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Gerry and the team at Hearts Pest Management will go down in history as being the most family friendly company I've ever encountered, next to mine of course.

From encouraging me when I was not at my best and holding my hand while I cleaned up my house, getting our painter up to speed on our termite issues, and providing complimentary service to get us started. What haven't they been willing to do for us?

I'm grateful for their willingness to come along side me with a new baby ( a new book coming out), and an old house full of ants. Ugh! Happy Father's Day and we'll see you next month!

Greg Fox helped solve our bee infestation. We had technicians out previously who were not half as professional and efficient. He also provided information about rodent problems. He was clear, concise, and knowledgeable. In the future, we want Greg to help us with all of our pest management needs. He was terrific!

We live on the 27th floor of a condo, downtown. I discovered, late one night, that we had "bugs" around the sink. I asked the management here, who to call and they suggested "(competitor name deleted)." When I called him, he told me we had roaches and to scotch tape 2 of them to a white piece of paper and leave it at the front desk. He would not come check for himself.

I decided he was not who I needed. I checked Angie's List and found Hearts. My experience, beginning with my initial call - after 5 - talking with Allison, was the beginning of a perfect effort by Hearts to get control of the situation, identify that the roaches were coming in from the plumbing pipes that had not been sealed, which allowed for infestation from other units. Curtis Williams, the Senior Consulting Technician, did a superior job of explaining how this happened, and the solution to rid ourselves of this pest and never have it occur again. He did everything he said he would and more!


Hearts Pest Management Profile Video

Hearts Pest Management is presented in eyes of owner, Gerry Weitz, as well as three diverse customers for residential and commercial services.

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From Our Website

Molecular Biology/Genetics. Karen is internationally known in her scientific discipline. Hearts Pest Management is a new leader in the pest control industry. We are a pest control company determined to present holistic, well-constructed pest control services, bringing to the public the best talent that has been nurtured to tap all their potential. Among our staff you will find conservationists, a 15 year former pest control company owner, vintage car enthusiast, and even a trail guide! We look for very broad thinking individuals who will go to creative extremes to investigate and solve your pest problems.

Hearts Pest Management is now in your Southern California town with a pest control service you can believe in. We've been written up by Costco and Green Checked by the Sierra Club. Why? We were the 1st EcoWise Certified pest control company in Southern California. Call Now - Problem Solved - We're hard on pests while being gentle on the conscience. 1-800-986-1006 for all your pest control problems (no termite calls please).