Heron Lawn and Pest Control was launched in 2002. With decades of combined experience in the industry, the owners knew there was room in the market place for a company that would provide exceptional customer service, deliver great results and be meticulous about follow up and exceeding customers’ expectations. With an unwavering commitment to those beliefs, what started out as a small three man operation has grown into one of the largest pest control companies in the country.

Heron has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the United States by several national magazines. That profound level of customer retention is no accident. With a passionate team of over 150 strong and thousands of satisfied customers across seven Central Florida counties, our dominant position in the industry continues to grow. Our team member training program is ongoing, thorough and extensive. We use the best materials and products available on the market, without exception, and with great care and consideration to an expanding “Go Green” program and environmental responsibility.

We expect to continue to increase our business footprint by delivering on our customer care promises, being stubborn about our policies and procedures, providing world class training and living and breathing our core company values. Call us and learn for yourself how Heron Lawn and Pest Control can provide you consistently great service at affordable prices. We are a dedicated team and believe in going the extra mile and giving more than what is expected of us. The small details are what separate good service from exceptional service, which is what we strive for. We look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations. We are large enough to handle your concerns, but small enough to provide you with personal service.

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Bed Bugs

One of the fastest growing concerns amongst homeowners is bed bugs. A recent report shows that bed bug infestations have increased 500% in the U. S. Bed bugs have made a worldwide comeback and unfortunately, they are turning up in many surprising places, such as fancy hotels, hospitals, college residence halls, offices, laboratories, airports, and maybe even your home. Why? Many experts consider globalization a major culprit. People and goods are traveling more widely and in greater numbers than ever before, plus most people do not think of bed bugs nor have any idea what they look like. Bed bugs are small, easily overlooked, often nocturnal, and can live for months without eating, making them perfect stowaways in luggage, backpacks, and shipping crates.


We use Termidor, the most effective termiticide on the market. No other product offers better long term protection. Termidor is fast acting. It begins working immediately after it is applied killing termites in 90 days or less. Termidor has virtually no odor, which means you and your family should not notice a thing after your home has been protected.