Founded in 2006 by Ray Hartley, Intrepid Wildlife Services is based in Mohegan Lake, New York and covers wildlife problems in all of Westchester and Putnam county as well as Fairfield County in Connecticut.

When you need an expert wildlife control service in Westchester, NY at your disposal, a simple phone call to Intrepid Wildlife Services takes care of it all. We understand how upsetting it can be to find a wild animal has taken up residence on your property, and taking on the task of chasing him away without professional assistance can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Itís important to call the professionals at Intrepid Wildlife Services the moment you suspect youíre having an issue with uninvited wildlife, and weíll help find safe, effective, and humane ways to deal with the situation.

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  Person Intrepid Wildlife Services
  City Mohegan Lake, NY
  Zip Code 10547
  Address 2841 Stoney Street
  Phone Number (914) 293-7593

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Intrepid Wildlife Services

Customer Testimonials

A skunk fell into my basement window well. It kept spraying inside the window well. Even with all the windows closed, my house STUNK!! I called Ray and he was able to get the skunk into a trap and out of the window well. He even gave me some tips for getting the smell out! I will always recommend Ray to anyone and everyone. he really is a life saver!!

There is nothing worse than having a bat flying around in your house at 10:30 at night while trying to put your 10 month old to bed. Donít bother calling 911, call Ray and watch him grab the bat out of the air at 1:30 in the morning, the best late night show I have ever seen, and that is the number one reason to call Intrepid.

From Our Website

Intrepid Wildlife Services are your 24/7 wildlife control experts. We specialize in animal removal, wildlife prevention and control services to Westchester County NY. Experience under our belts, constantly evolving, and improving our methods suit your needs because wildlife is very unpredictable. Owner Ray Hartley often attends national seminars as either a guest speaker or attendee. He both teaches and learns new methods to remove, exclude and prevent wildlife issues. If you think you have any sort of wildlife problem don't hesitate to call us.

When removing birds you have to take in to consideration federal laws. All birds are protected by state and/or federal law except pigeons, house sparrows, and European starlings. It is actually against the law to kill almost every other type of bird without a special permit. It is even illegal to cause the death of a protected bird indirectly. It is also against the law to tamper with bird nests if there are eggs or baby birds in them. For this reason, large numbers of bird removal can be very complicated, as any removal/exclusion procedures must be in compliance with these protection laws.

Do you need emergency help removing bats from your home? Call Intrepid Wildlife Services now at 914-293-7593. Our experienced wildlife experts will humanely remove and help prevent future invading bats! When a bat decides to call your home his new abode, the results can be more than frightening. Bats can be downright dangerous until removed. If you've discovered one of these creatures has taken up residence in your home, call our wildlife experts immediately, and let us handle your bat removal needs.