Knockout Pest Control. offers effective termite control and pest treatment methods to safeguard your home and your family. Maintain the value of your residence and keep your family safe and healthy with Knockout home pest control services. Safeguard your employees and clients. Protect your property from damage and pass government health inspections.

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Treating termites without professional help can be frustrating, time consuming, and risky. A professional can help you evaluate termite treatment options, including treating wood with Termiticide compounds, trenching and drilling to treat soil around your structure, and using Green Technologies like Sentricon to eliminate active colonies. Need Bed Bug help fast? Knockout Pest Control is your go-to Bed Bug resource. We are happy to help and have decades of advice to share. We also have a comprehensive arsenal of the most effective and most Green Treatments available.

At Knockout Pest Control, we not only solve your pest problems, we keep them solved. We are in your corner with state-of-the-art insect extermination, bug treatments and pest removal methodologies. We are New York's experts in both residential and commercial pest control. Hey, we don't have the big red boxing glove for nothing. Our technicians receive over 100 hours of classroom instruction and in-the-field training on identifying specific pests and the pest control treatments that deliver a knockout punch every time.

Pest infestations can be a huge problem for homeowners and businesses. Bugs and rodents carry diseases and track in dirt; and they can even compromise the structure of a building. Fortunately, our team at Knockout Pest Control of Long Island can eliminate pests and help you feel back in control. Since 2009, Knockout has served the Long Island, NY region with skill and integrity. We are Green Pro and LEED certified, and we go the extra mile to please our customers. We respond immediately to customer requests, and we take pride in providing fast, quality services.

Pest infestations are a menace for every household and business in NYC and nearby counties. Left unchecked, a pest infestation can cause irreparable damage to property and infrastructure, leading to an unexpected financial burden on your pocket. However, significant property damage from pest and termite infestations can be avoided by hiring a professional pest control service. DIY pest control might be the first thing you try when you discover a pest infestation on your property, but it's more likely that you will not completely eliminate the problem.

Pest infestations are a common concern for homes and businesses in NYC. Without proper pest control, these infestations can potentially cause irreparable damage to your home and property. Unchecked pest infestations not only cause sudden out of the pocket expenses for you but may also bring down property values. Always call the best pest control professionals at the first sign of trouble. The first thing everyone tries is DIY pest control remedy when they discover a pest problem at home or work.

For this class, we were assigned in groups of 4 to make a video for a client. Our group's assignment was to make a Bed Bug Training video for the staff of the Family and Children's Association of Long Island. This was a semester-long project and you can see the result of all our hard work in the video. Knockout Heat treatment is your first line of defense against Bed Bugs. With customer satisfaction as our number one goal, we offer fast, discreet, and eco-friendly solutions to your Bed Bug problem.

Getting rid of Mice is important. The harm caused by House Mice can be considerable. Mice cause damage. They can eat your food, leave food storage caches that rot and smell, chew through clothing and possessions, and leave urine trails and droppings that cause stains or permanently mar the wood. The harm does not stop there. Mice attract other pests like Fleas, Ticks, and Mites along with the diseases and discomfort those pests bring. Mice themselves are notorious vectors for diseases and parasites.

Pest problems aren't just unnerving. Left unaddressed, they can make you sick, undermine your property values, and cause structural damage to your home or office. What can you do? Knockout Pest Control, regarded as some of Westchester's top pest control experts, can solve your challenges. Whether termites have invaded you, or there are rodents in the attic, we've got the tools and finesse to deal with the problem. Knockout Pest Control focuses on customer service. To us, that means responding quickly and intelligently to requests.