We are a development off of a previous landscape company after expanding our services to include general home pest control. We are experts in our fields and back that up with a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee on most pest control services.
We do everything in house. Our work ethic is strong and we take pride in our work. We make every attempt to show that to our customers. We move mountains. If you have one, let us know.

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Graduate of Ohio State University. Has over a decades experience as a pesticide applicator.

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Many times there are multiple satellite colonies inside, with a super colony outside.
Our ant exterminators will first identify what species of ants are present.
Then we will conduct a search to identify their trails and colonies.
Colonies located through customer communication and through inspection will be treated.
Ant colonies are not always located. Trails are not always active when we are on site.
Combining three ant control formulations into our protocol sets us apart from other ant exterminating service.

Flea control season gears up in Cleveland, OH when the weather turns hot. Fleas thrive in hot and humid weather. Once it exceeds 80 degrees average daytime temperature, the flea reproduction life cycle goes into overdrive. If you find yourself itching, especially around the ankles, you will want to call your local flea exterminator.

American cockroach and Oriental cockroaches are uncommon in Cleveland, OH. Yet they still show up in certain circumstances.
These are larger than the other two cockroach species found in Cleveland. They are also cold hardy. They are the only species that can survive year round outside.

German cockroaches are a tropical species. If you have them, you do not have to worry too much about treating the exterior. These insect pests are like bedbugs. They hitchhike their way into the home.

Brown banded cockroaches are not very likely to be found in Cleveland, OH. They do show up though. Similar in appearance to German cockroaches, these cockroaches will be found flying off the walls.

Our Bed Bug Treatments Include:
Visible bugs are removed with our bug vac. You know we got them, if we take them with us.
Commercial grade, dry heat steamers kill off all life stages of bed bugs, especially the eggs.
An effective rotation of chemical classes maximizes the efficiency of the applied product.
Client is educated on how to prevent further introduction of bed bugs into the home.

Customer Testimonials

I can't say enough good things about Shawn from Lakewood Exterminating! His response time is AMAZING. His knowledge and work ethic are incredible. I strongly recommend him. He's quick, efficient and gets the job done :) You won't be disappointed.

Called on a holiday weekend and they were here within 10 minutes!! Always so prompt and quick to resolve your problem. Thank you so much.

You guys were fast and came when we needed you to. You were also 40% cheaper than a service I used 3 years ago and did a better job getting rid of the pests as well as taking preventive measures. Staff was very nice and polite. If I need you again, I'll definitely call, and if a friend needs a pest control company I will be sure to recommend you.

Can't say enough good things about Lakewood Exterminating! The owner (Shawn) is very professional and knowledgeable. I can tell his goal is to operate an honest company that looks out for their customers. I called him, he came out the very next day, and we have not seen any more ants ever since! I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks again, Shawn!


Bed Bug Control Tips

Learn bed bug control tips on how to keep your bedroom while getting rid of a bed bug infestation. We will show you the professional tools and products we use to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Treating a wasp nest on a rooftop.

This is how we treated a wasp nest on a second story dormer. We utilized a bee pole with a duster attachment to treat entry points in siding. Was control in Rocky River, OH.

Ant Pest Control Tips Cleveland

Tips for controlling ants in Cleveland, OH,

Mud Dauber Wasp Gathering Mud

This is a yellow and black mud dauber wasp gathering mud. This was in an area of newly seed lawn in Rocky River, OH.

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