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  City Las Vegas , NV
  Zip Code 89130
  Address 7495 W Azure Dr Ste 110
  Phone Number (702) 222-2847

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Ant Control

Ant Control

We at Ranger Pest Control would be happy to get rid of your ant problem. We understand how serious this kind of situation can be for your home and we do not take this work lightly. With our general pest control services, you can get rid of any ant infestation in your home and even prevent them from having to deal with them again in the future.

With ants, like with most pests, it’s always easier to deal with them now rather than later.

Scorpion Exterminator

Scorpion Exterminator

If you think you’re dealing with a scorpion problem that could very well turn into a full blown scorpion infestation, it would be in your best interests to contact professional help like the experts on the team with Ranger Pest Control! Don’t hesitate – because the scorpions certainly won’t.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Can you imagine if word got out that your restaurant, clothing store, operations facility, or any kind of commercial establishment had a pest problem? That kind of news could make or break you, so if you spot any sort of infestation on the ground—it would best to deal with it sooner rather than later.

With Ranger Pest Control’s excellent services, we can help not just eliminate the problem—we can help in prevent it from ever happening again. This is the time to think about the foundation on which you build your business and a pest-free business environment is one that shows it cares. After all, services with Ranger Pest Control are not just effective, we are eco-friendly professionals who can get the job done responsibly.

Earwig Control

Earwig Control

When you try to handle things by yourself, you may be subjecting your home to a trial and error that could further damage your property, your family, and your property’s value. Get it done the right way on the first try when you invest in experienced work from pest control experts. Let us handle it with Ranger Pest Control!

Spiders Exterminator

Spiders Exterminator

Still, you don’t want to leave these things to chance – especially if you’re going to be dealing with a whole spider infestation! The team with Ranger Pest Control believe that pest control of any kind, including the extermination of spiders, deserves and warrants a calm and professional demeanour that allows these creatures a dignified way of being removed from spaces where they aren’t welcome.

Customer Testimonials

We are so glad that we signed up with Ranger Pest Control. Vance, the owner, is knowledgeable, friendly and goes out of his way to be helpful. We would highly recommend him to everyone. Germain came out today and did a great job, he was very friendly, answered a lot of our questions about scorpions, and he did a very thorough job in spraying our house, garage and yard. We feel we are in good hands with Ranger Pest Control and would give them more than a five star rating if that were possible. They are by far the best control company we have ever had.

These guys are the greatest. I switched from southern nevada pest control who costs more and I'm pretty sure showed up at my house to just drop bills off never spraying. Ranger shows up announces themselves and proceeds to spray what seems like the entire house. They accept online payments and always work with your schedule if you need indoor services too. Also, very respectful and gentle with your doors/gates and other items when entering/exiting/moving. Keeps bugs outside the house, I'll stay with Ranger until I move out of state.

We have used a couple other well known pest control companies in the past 6 or 7 years, but we would still find dead cockroaches and occasional trails of ants if my kids left food or drinks out. Since we switched to Ranger a couple years ago, I've seen maybe 2 spiders. No more ants or roaches, our house is bug free all the time. Plus, they are so friendly, have great customer care, and make it easy to pay for services and
reschedule if needed. I couldn't recommend this pest control company more highly. We'll never use anyone else.

The best company ever! Wonderful costumer service, extremely honest and sweet staff, and great pricing! I was so fearful of black widows and other critters around my family. The house that we lived in sat empty with no exterminator service for awhile. When we first moved in we saw many critters in the house. Their first spray took care of so much and came back to do a repeat spray to take care of all the life cycles (their standard protocol). In addition to that, they came back anytime I thought I saw something to identify it or spray an extra spot. After 3 sprays - I have nothing in the house or garage at all! They are amazing!!!

Ranger is the best pest control service my family has ever used and we've used a few. The technicians are always efficient and respectful of our house. If any stone was turned, it was unturned by the time the technician was through. This is definitely the best "bang for your bug."

I love the guys at Ranger Pest Control, always friendly, professional and concerned about our property. I like the way they schedule appointments and confirm again to make sure there is no misunderstanding. When they arrive, they spend time asking questions and making sure there are no problems. Their rate is more than fair. Highly recommend.

We have used Ranger for several years and love them!! No more Bugs or SPIDERS!! They are always beyond professional and go out of their way to make the customer happy! Request Matt or Vance! They are the best!!

Vance is a delightful young man, a serious and caring business owner with a customer-oriented focus. He follow up and followed through in a caring, professional way. We always try to find and support truly local small business and are so pleased to have found Vance.

Ranger pest control has been very helpful. They explained their offerings and helped me to select the best application for my needs. They arrived on schedule and advised me of what to expect for my first and subsequent visits. Given the dead bugs we have observed, we know it is a successful process.

I love Ranger Pest control, they are always on time, or they communicate if there are any changes. Every technician is courteous and friendly, and they all work hard to get the job done. But the most important part of this organization, and perhaps the best, is that if we have any issues with pests inside or outside of the house, they will come back through and re-spray to get them out! Vance and his people are just plain and simply, great!

Great service - always professional!! They always work with our schedule as far as appointments go. Product works great, no bugs and if we do see any bugs they are out again as soon as we let them know. If your considering a company for pest control I fully recommend Ranger!

I love this company. It takes you back to how customer service used to be done, personable, and fair. The owner seems like a great guy, I call to make an appt and he’s courteous, fast and accommodating. All of the reps he hires are great guys also, they don’t make me feel unsafe when there in my house, there friendly, fast, and teach me a lot every time they come. I recommend this company.

Vance and his team always come on time and get the job done. When construct project started across the street form us we started to see a lot of bugs. After ranger pest control started coming we haven’t had any bug issues. I’d highly recommend range pest control to anyone who has or might have a bug problem.

After using a large company for our pest control and paying high prices as well as feeling like a number...we tried Ranger Pest Control and it was the best thing we ever did. Lower prices and very friendly, personable, and professional service techs. Both Vance and Matt asked us questions to make sure our needs were covered and were just great guys. Thank you for always doing such a great job and making us feel like family and not a number.

Looking forward to having these guys provide service for my house for a long time! I just had my first service yesterday, and literally within 10 minutes of them leaving, I was in my garage and watched 3 crickets crawl out from hiding and die right in front of me (sorry for the visual). We just moved into a new construction home this week, and I was seeing many crickets and earwigs before Ranger came yesterday. Haven’t seen any bugs since! Aside from some now dead ones that were forced out of hiding. I finally feel like I can sleep comfortably! Vance and Cody were also incredibly nice and personable - definitely the kindest pest control technicians I’ve ever worked with. I feel safe with their product (I have two young kids) and their prices are very reasonable.

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If anyone needs pest control services at AMAZING prices, give us a call @ 702-222-BUGS (2847)!
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We are looking to hire on another technician soon. Click this link to fill out an application. http://bit.ly/2C7bTvc
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We're hiring! Apply now.
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Look at these cuties! Two baby bunnies found in a customers yard in Aliante.
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Ranger Pest Control is again hiring. We are looking for hard working honest folks that want to be part of a great team. Full time position available that pays $12-15/Hour. Click this link to Apply: https://bit.ly/2C7bTvc
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A new customer let me hold her pet hedgehog today. Thanks Susi, it was great meeting you and little Spiky.
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5 rats caught in 1 night in a storage warehouse.
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