Since 1988 R&D Pest Services, Inc. has been on the leading edge in delivering low-impact, highly effective solutions to pest problems in homes and businesses. We pioneered the outside only approach to solving ant invasions in structures, and our penchant for innovation has kept us on the forefront in ant control, gopher control, and general insect and rodent control. How do we stay ahead of the rest?

Co-founders Rick Ellis and Dave Fox bring an expertise rarely found in a pest control company of any size. Both are former university researchers and have worked as technical trainers in integrated pest management. Each has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the Southern California pest control industry. Combine this experience with degrees in chemistry and entomology (study of insects) and it's no wonder R&D produces the finest, most highly trained field specialists using the most effective techniques in pest control.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Exclusive "Outdoor-Only" approach for ANT CONTROL

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  • PCOC
  • NPMA

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  • San Diego North County, Inland Empire

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  • Personal Checks

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  Person Rick Ellis
  City San Diego, CA
  Zip Code 92128
  Address 11956 Bernardo Plaza Dr
  Phone Number (858) 487-4779

Business Representative

Rick Ellis


BA Chemistry, UCSD; Pest Control Sales/Training 1984-88; Co-founded R&D Pest Services in 1988.

Customer Testimonials

When we first moved into our house, we had a major ant problem. For a few months, we dealt with them, using horrible smelling "green" and safe for children and pet ant sprays, but they always came back. I could tell the previous owners had the same problem because I found lots of little "ant traps" in all the cabinets. The last straw for me was when the ants came through an air conditioning vent! I asked my family for recommendations and that's how I found R&D. At first it was supposed to be this one time thing, a birthday present from my husband to me. But I was so happy with the results that we opted for the continuing service and I will never go back to not having R&D!

Dave came the first month and explained the process to me, that it would be safe for my toddler, and for me (at the time I was pregnant). He said if ants ever came back earlier than he was serviced to come, that I should just give him a call and he would come right away. (I actually did ask him to come once and he came that very day!) Within a day of him spraying around the house the first time, the ants disappeared. I was floored and so incredibly happy. Dave comes every other month to our home and sprays the outside, the fence, all the nooks and crannies and makes sure there are no spiders or ants around. He is really personable and does a really great job.

For me, having family recommend them to me meant it was a real good reference, one that I could trust. And I am so glad to be a customer of R&D!

Received great service fro R&D when dealing with a rodent problem in our attic. Service was handled quickly and professionally. Highly recommend this service if you are having pest problems.

We were very impressed with the promptness and professional demeanor of the service tech, Paul. He sprayed the areas inside and out and explained as he went along and what to expect. Ants being our main issue that when they resurfaced I called Paul and he returned and sprayed again without hesitation. Ant problem resolved

From Our Website

R&D Pest Services was a green company long before "green" could describe a company. We have never used truck mounted power sprayers, and instead have pioneered the use of our own custom-designed backpack sprayers to minimize the amount of chemical used. From day one, over twenty years ago, we have combined the use of baits, traps, and other least toxic alternatives as part of our service. Skilled and highly trained technicians are a critical part of R&D's green approach. All our techs carry two licenses beyond the basic applicators license within a few months of hire - very few (if any) companies can say that.

Ant control around homes and businesses is our specialty. We pioneered an outdoor-only approach to eliminating ant infestations over 20 years ago, and have continuously perfected our least-toxic technique ever since. Most other companies will insist on applying insecticides indoors to stop an ant invasion, and will usually spray baseboards and cabinets and even apply insecticide dusts into wall sockets. All of these are almost always unnecessary with our ant control approach. We use materials which take advantage of the ant's natural behavior and biology to carry the control agents to the nest, where they infect and kill the colony.

All of our services for commercial properties are green services - they always have been. Since long before LEED certification standards were born, we have treated every office building as a sensitive account. By approaching most pest invasions from the source - the exterior - we immediately avoid introduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) to the interior space. We always use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach and consider sanitation practices, exclusion, and traps as our first choices.

When bugs or rodents invade your most personal space - your home - it often makes sense to seek help from the experts. The materials experts use are almost always less invasive and more effective than those available over-the-counter. Well beyond that, our training and experience allows us to solve even the most difficult pest problems quickly. But how do you choose which company to allow into your home and yard? At R&D Pest Services, we answer YES to all these questions! We will give you the personal attention that you would expect from a family-owned business, because that's who we are.