Ticks can offer you Lyme's Disease? Mosquitoes can spread West Nile Virus? While many of us think of pests as nuisances, they can in fact pose serious health risks for you, your family and your business. The nice news is that in most cases, pests can be safely and effectively managed. The Pros at Rose can assist you determine the dangers you face and supply you with solutions.

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When you need to get rid of insects, rodents, and more, turn to the most trusted pest management partners in the Midwest. No matter your industry, pest control is crucial to avoid fines, maintain your reputations, and keep your doors open. We are your partners in sanitation and regulation. We'll solve your pest problem by attacking the roots, creating long-term solutions while protecting the environment and the ecosystem. Since 1860, we've been trusted in Chicago and the Midwest to keep homes and businesses free from insects, rodents and more.

In 1860, Solomon Rose founded the Rose Rat Exterminator Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. He supplied an early form of a pest control product to the Union Army during the Civil War. As business flourished, Rose opened an office in Chicago. The Dold family goal at Rose Pest Solutions remains the same today as it was for Solomon Rose over 160 years ago: to maintain the highest standards of integrity while providing every customer with peace of mind. We're not anti-bug. We respect the role insects play in our world, and their importance in our ecosystem.

With eleven branches in the Midwest and over one hundred certified employees, our Chicago Pest Control location is here to meet and exceed your expectations for your pest control needs. Rose has deep roots in the City of Chicago. In the 1940s, when Rose had offices across America, our exact Wicker Park Chicago location as it stands today was the entire Corporation's Headquarters. C. Norman Dold (Grandfather Dold) was the first of now three generations to have managed America's longest running pest control operation.

Protect your employees, your property, your clients, and your bottom line with Rose's commercial pest control solutions. We're your trusted IPM partner in clean, healthy workplaces. Pests can derail your business. Every industry needs to maintain a sanitary and healthy work environment to keep everyone happy and productive. As public health experts, we promise a comprehensive and sanitary approach to creating a healthy environment. Upon completion of service, we'll provide a window cling to verify that the establishment has been sanitized so customers and employees can have a bit more peace of mind about the measures taken at that particular establishment.

Our Healthy Home Maintenance Program is a 365-day pest control solution that addresses all your concerns. When you call or email us, you're immediately connected to a real person ready to help. After hours, our specialists are on call to make sure the most imperative situations are handled swiftly. Live chat with one of our experts now by clicking the live chat icon on the bottom right of your screen! The service has been fantastic! I have not seen one mouse or silverfish since the first service.