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ScorpionTech provides specialized pest management services to help families and businesses enjoy a pest free environment. Our unmatched scorpion control programs and our unique three-tier approach allows you to be scorpion free. We also offer general pest services, termite protection and mosquito control. Let us show you the ScorpionTech difference! At ScorpionTech we pride ourselves in being small enough to care, but big enough to do it right! The team at ScorpionTech is always professional, courteous, and punctual.

Mosquitoes can be a real pest and can keep you from enjoying your nice Arizona yard. ScorpionTech offers effective backyard mosquito control so you can enjoy your outdoor space. Our mosquito treatment starts with an inspection to find where the problem areas are that havens for mosquitoes. More than just a pesky nuisance that causes itchy bites, mosquitoes are known carriers of several viruses and diseases that can make your family and pets sick. ScorpionTech offers a cutting edge technology system where we place and monitor stations or mosquito buckets in your yard.

If you find cockroaches in your home, you may not initially care what kind they are, but it is important to know what pest you are dealing with. And the most effective treatment methods to get rid of cockroaches in your home or business. The two main types of cockroaches in Arizona are the American Cockroach and the German Cockroach. The American cockroach which actually came to America on ships from Africa is reddish-brown and have an oval-shaped body with a very distinctive yellow-colored figure eight behind their head.

Spiders can certainly be intimidating creatures. Many people have a healthy fear of spiders, thankfully of all of the spiders in Arizona, there are only a couple that cause a medical concern - the Recluse spider and the Black Widow spider. Other spiders, may look or sound scary, but do not pose a threat to you or your family. Spiders are predators and feed on other insects. Naturally, if you can control other insects on your property, spiders will have less reason to make your home their home. Integrated pest management approach can help eliminate pests and control spiders around your home.

Termites are wood-destroying insects that experts estimate cause nearly $5 billion dollars of property damage in the US each year. These insects and the destruction they cause can often go unnoticed for years at a time, only becoming apparent when the property is sold and a professional termite inspection is required. Today's termite pesticides, when administered by a trained professional exterminator like those at ScorpionTech are safe, effective and earth friendly. With regular follow-up treatment, you won't need to worry about re-infestations.

There are many different types of bees & wasps in the Valley - Wasps, Mud Daubers, Carpenter Bees, Regular and Africanized Honey Bees to name a few. But when it comes to bee control and hive removal, Scorpion Tech are experts. If you find bees swarming around your home, it is important that you do not attempt to handle the problem yourself. Our technicians have been trained to handle bees and know how to properly remove them safely and effectively. Contact us at Scorpion Tech if you need bee and wasp removal services, wasp and bee control or you need bee or wasp nest removal in Mesa.

Ants can be more than just a nuisance to Arizona homeowners, many can bite. Ants are tricky to get rid of and using DIY or store-bought products can actually cause more of a problem by creating more colonies. At Scoprion Tech, our three-tiered ant program will not only removes nasty pests immediately but help keep them from coming back. When it comes to ant pest control, it is important to properly identify what type of ant you're dealing with to properly remove them. Our business has mainly grown through word-of-mouth.

WDI Inspections (WDI- Wood Destroying Insect) AZ WDIIR- for Sale, Purchase, or Refinance of home. Advance formulation insecticides with strong residual staying power are applied where spiders crawl and hide. When it comes to taking care of ants, identification is paramount. Then, we utilize the right combination of non-repellent liquid insecticide treatment and bait application to keep your home and property ant free. Most cockroaches, American roaches (sewer roaches), Oriental roaches, Brown-banded roaches, and Turkistan roaches, are included in our Scorpion Advantage, General Pest Advantage, and Total Pest Advantage service plans.