Regardless of where you live in Michigan, there's one thing everyone has in common - dealing with those pesky creatures we call bugs. Left unchecked, these little creatures can become more than just a nuisance. They can damage your home and cost you money in major repairs. Shoreline Services supplies pest control requirements for your firm. Service technicians are state-certified and fully insured.

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Shoreline Pest & Wildlife Control is a Local, Employee-Owned company, providing both commercial pest services and residential pest management for the West Michigan area since 1990. Shoreline Co-Founder Daryl Andringa holds a degree in Entomology from Michigan State University, and continues to assist with any insect identification needs. All of our technical staff are highly experienced - some as much as 30 years - and are certified by the State of Michigan as well as the National Pest Management Association in Food Plant Pest Management.

Shoreline Co-founders Bob VandenBerg and Daryl Andringa served together as employees of a large pest control company for over 14 years. Together, they had built a strong, personal customer service reputation in the West Michigan Lakeshore area. But over the years, they began to see a decline in the "old-fashioned", personal approach to customer service. They longed to provide the high-quality service to their local customers that is so often lost for the sake of growth and profit. They decided it was time to strike out on their own.

Our popular Home Service program provides year-around coverage for a number of pests including all species of ants inside and on the exterior surfares, crawling beetles, stinging insect nests and many more. Your service also includes Spring and Fall exterior treatments to repel target insects and any additional visits you may need in between. Additional service calls for the pests covered under the agreement are handled promptly at no further charge to you. Many common pests can be controlled with a single service.

After having been in business for 25 years now, we at Shoreline Pest & Wildlife Control find ourselves in a very unique position. Because of the experienced and dedicated staff we have been blessed with, we can honestly say we believe we are the only locally owned pest management firm who can readily handle every type of commercial services concern; from challenges faced by major pharmaceutical and food-plant operations, right down to the most basic control for vacant buildings. And all of it equally serviced and supervised by ultra-experienced people including the only degreed Entomologist/Owner in the Lakeshore Area.

Bees, wasps and hornets are social insects found in West Michigan and all along the Lakeshore. Many are beneficial for pollinating plants. However, these creatures can be very aggressive in protecting their nest. The following are the bees & wasps that people are most concerned about and need help with pest control; The stinging ones! The honeybee is one of the world's most beneficial insects. Many farm crops are dependent on pollination from these bees. The only problem is that occasionally they move their nest into the walls of your house.

A: Our products are registered by the E.P.A and our treatment methods meet or exceed label requirements to limit the amount of pesticide usage in your home or business. Special precautions are always observed when children or pets are present. A: For most treatments you can be home, but if you need to leave, our technicians can perform the treatment and lock the house when they leave. For flea treatments, we ask that you remain out of the house for up to 6 hours. For outside treatments, you do not need to be home at all.

There are about 50 species of termites found in the United States. The most common in our area is the Eastern Subterranean Termite. These termites usually colonize in the ground between the frost line and the water table. Mature colonies have 60,000 plus members that consists of workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Workers are about 3/16 long, creamy white with slightly darker heads. They construct the colony and forage for food. Soldiers are also creamy white but have a much larger and darker head and visible "pinchers".

This group includes a couple of ticks that are both annoying and disease carriers. American Dog Tick and Deer Ticks are common in our area and should not be taken lightly. These ticks are vectors of several diseases that are very serious. Shoreline's Solution: Treating vegetation outside the home where ticks reside will decrease their population. Also cutting down taller bushes and grasses in areas people travel will keep them form hitching a ride. Spiders are generally considered the good guys in the pest world.