Over 30 years experience doing things the right way

This is a San Diego based company, owned and operated by Caring, Loving people who grew up Trapping Wildlife. And have now turned it into a Professional Humane Trapping, Control, and Removal Service. We trap and relocate wildlife all over San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties.

We are glad to offer one-on-one attentive client service.

We are aware that most people like and respect wildlife, but do not wish to see these animals in their houses.

We also know that there is a delicate balance between animals being pests and animals being cute and cudley.

These unwanted guests damage our homes when searching for food and shelter. Our clients have worked hard to maintain their houses - and we are trying to restore the balance between humans and wildlife. We work hand in hand with mother nature to offer our clients tranquility and safety. Once the animals are caught, they are relocated to a local wildlife preserve. We give them a second chance on life.


Robert S.Anderson

I have always liked wildlife. And now I have the chance to assist mother nature out when no one else will. I founded the firm in 2003 when I saw a need for Humane Wildlife Control, Trapping, and Removal. Before this, the firms that were around would euthanize the unwanted guests instead of moving them. Or they would use the procedure of catching everything around, and not exatracting the offending nuisance animals.

I have studied hard and long and have gained unmatched experience, I came up with an amazing talent, a sure fire way to catch these Wild Animals that were causing chaos in peoples lives. I not only get to have a job I wished for (accept for the skunk spraying.....ewwww) but I get to do what I love.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Humane Wildlife Control
  • Nuisance Wildlife Trapping
  • Repairs to keep those pesky creatures from returning

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Proud Member of: California National Wildlife Operators Association http://www.nwcoa.org/
  • Proudly Supports: Project Wildlife http://www.projectwildlife.org
  • Licensed by the State of California
  • Licensed by the Ca. Dept of Fish and Game - Wildlife Division
  • Proudly Recommends Adoption from: Friends of Cats and your local animal shelter
  • Proudly Acknowledges: Feral Cat Coalition for their work in spaying, neutering, and releasing ferals

Serviced Areas

  • San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and all cities in between

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Credit Card Handling Fee 3%

Contact Details

  Person Robert S. Anderson
  City San Diego, CA
  Phone Number (619) 370-2761

Business Representative

Robert S. Anderson


I am not only C.E.O., I am also the client service manager, so you can always rely on me to help you through your wildlife control problems.

Products & Services

San Diego Dead Animal Removal

Sometimes animals die somewhere in the house. When these animals pass on it is usually difficult to move them. Removal of the animals is often a very dirty job. Often we have to reach into hot attics, underneath wet, muddy, and dusty homes, "sniff out" the animal, remove it and any affected materials, decontaminate the affected area, and then dispose of the carcass in an approved manner. Dead Animal Removal is not easy for sure and it is never a nice experience. However, we trying to make our clients happy by doing everything that we can in the most efficient way possible.

San Diego Skunk or Dead Animal Odor control

Our Odor Control Service encompasses:

Treating the affected location with special enzyme based biological decontaminating agents;
Treat the affected area with solutions to neutralize these bad smells.

Repair Service

Our Repair Service includes:

A detailed check of the home;
The installation of Barriers;
Fixing all possible access points.
We warranty our fixings for 30 Days on parts and 90 Days Craftsmanship.

Attic cleaning

Attics are usually the goal of roof rats, raccoons, opossums, and bats. While these animals are living there, they are making it dirty. The fecal matter can consist of harmful parasites, disease, or smells that are dangerous to humans. If not taken away not only will they pose a health risk, it will draw other animals back to the site.

Attic Decontamination can only be present after the animal removal is done. This is a different service from the Animal Removal process.

Humane Wildlife Trapping San Diego

San Diego Wildlife Trapping, Control and Removal Done Right!

It doesn't matter where you live, you are never more then three feet from wildlife.
The wild animals in your area are most definitely adept at finding their way into your homes, either through uncapped chimneys, open soffits and those of you with wood siding or wooden shingles are more at risk than the average roofing. Raccoons for example, are so strong they even tear off shingles and fascia. Once you've been invaded by nuisance wildlife, and they enter your structure, they have to make a nice bed for themselves, sometimes they just grab insulation, other times, they destroy wires and ducting to do this. Most of the animals that get into your attic, soon become bored and like to chew holes in walls and cabinetry. Entering through through old foundation vents to make a home under the house is a common occurrence too. But so is tearing up lawns in the spring time to forage for food such as grubs and earthworms, destroying gardens, and dumping over trash cans.

While in the attic or under the house, or even in the wall voids, the urine and feces, from these pests can build up and cause a great stench that can constitute health hazards to the homeowner and their pets!

Some of the services we provide are:

Humane Wildlife Control, Humane Wildlife Trapping, Wildlife Pest Trappers, Wildlife Animal Trapping, Wildlife Control & Removal, We are very good at controlling the damage done by families of Wild Animals, Dead Wildlife Removal from under crawlspaces (The areas under your House and in your attic) , Wildlife Trapping and Relocation, Wildlife Removal

Sick or injured Wildlife Captured and Removed.

Wildlife Feces Removal, and Decontamination Service.

Preventative Barriers and Maintenance.

San Diego Skunk Trapping

San Diego Skunk Trapping

Skunks and their spray, the most infamous smelly creature, with the Spraying of eye watering, nasal assaulting musk. The odor that skunks spray is in defense to larger predators, they dig holes in lawns, tear up foliage, eat garden produce. They are also known for being a host for rabies. Skunks often den under houses, sheds, Jacuzzis, decks, and any other opening they can fit through, or dig under. Which can be as small as a woman's fist. They rarely climb anything that is more than a foot and a half high. Finding shelter is one of their top priorities. So, if your house, shed, or the like isn't sealed, or rather not skunk proofed, they will move in and become your newest neighbor. Just what you've always wanted right? LOL. These well adjusted animals have some very bad habits. They can get into your trash, if left on the ground, dig up your lawn (tell tale signs a skunk has been in your yard, is that the holes in your lawn or flower beds resemble that of a small funnel, or cone shape.)

Skunks are a vital part of mother nature, these wonderful, stinky, cute, black and white Kitty's eat insects, and help control our rodent populations, but the down side to these Stink Bombs is that they also prey on chickens, the occasional rabbit, eat your produce (i. e. fruits, and vegetables, damage beehives, dig under our houses, sheds, Jacuzzis etc.) The best attribute of a skunk is that they eat spiders.

San Diego Raccoon Removal

San Diego Raccoon Removal

The raccoon (Procyon lotor) , sometimes spelled as raccoon, and also known as the common raccoon, North American raccoon, northern raccoon and colloquially as coon, is a medium-sized mammal native to North America.

The different types of damage which raccoons are capable of causing are almost too numerous to mention.

In urban environments, raccoons are adept at finding homes in uncapped chimneys, open soffits and don't mind tearing off shingles or fascia to gain entrance to an attic or wall void, ripping off foundation vents to make a home under the house is a common occurrence too. But so is tearing up lawns in the spring time to teach their young (kits) how to forage for food such as grubs and earthworms, destroying gardens, and dumping over trash cans. While in the attic or under the house, or even in the wall voids, the urine and feces, can build up and cause a great stench that can constitute health hazards to the homeowner. In more rural environments, raccoons can be highly destructive in and around poultry barns. Raccoons are very intelligent creatures who have no problems opening jars cabinets or the like.

San Diego Rattlesnake Wrangling |Snake Control | Snake Fencing

San Diego Rattlesnake Wrangling |Snake Control | Snake Fencing

Rattlesnakes in the San Diego are humanely released in approved areas far from their capture sites. All Snake Control trapping is done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. We humanely capture and remove most Snakes.

If you have venomous snakes (Rattlesnakes) in, near, or around, your home, they must be removed, and should only be Trapped by Our Rattlesnake Wranglers who have years of experience handling snakes and are Trained and Licensed Professionals who know how these creatures think and can react accordingly. In many cases, these snakes have caused, or will cause harm to people, pets, and livestock.

Preventative maintenance is highly recommended to keep those pesky snakes from returning.

The recipient of a snake bit knows how painful it can be. The doctors visits for you or your pet can leave you with a tremendous bill.

The materials needed cost about as much as the labor. A trench needs to be dug down at least six inches, and out about a foot. The average cost of materials for a job is $2. 50/foot. We do not mark up supplies of materials, we charge what we pay. The labor is charged at $4. 50/foot (labor includes digging down at least six inches and out about foot, fixing the fencing to either a wood fence, wrought iron, or chain link, then burning it.

If you have no fence and need a rebar fence (attaching the fencing to rebar that has been pounded into the ground) then the cost of the rebar will be added to the total.

San Diego No Poison Rodent Control (Let us remove your rats and mice!)

San Diego No Poison Rodent Control (Let us remove your rats and mice!)

Rodent Removal, Control, And Trapping Done Right!

"Let our San Diego Rodent Removal Professionals put a smile on your face today! "


-Inspect the exterior and interior for entry points. We use a mirror to check around the foundation to look for entry points that everyone else misses. We seal up all openings on the roof as well. Once this is complete, we then trap out the attic, the crawlspace and the inside of the house.

-We charge $175 plus fuel, this includes a 30 min inspection, and 15 minutes of repairs. Additional repairs performed at $180/hour (this includes parts and labor) .

-We then come back in 5-7 days ($75 per visit) to check the traps, clean them out and reset if needed.

-We do not charge a monthly fee.

- Once we are done, you shouldn't have to worry about rodents entering your house for several years.

- Most homes are free of rodents in 14 days.

-An average 2500sqft home costs between $500-$600 (it all depends on home many repairs are needed) .

-We do not rid the exterior of rodents, nor do we use bait stations.

-We do however recommend a good habitat modification plan (this normally makes the rodents on the outside of the house move on, besides, these guys are not coming back in through our repairs.)

-We also offer live rodent trapping and relocation ($75 per visit we must check the traps daily as per the law) .

* What damage do Rats & Mice do? *

Warning, these creatures can create electrical fires. They also eat through the plumbing and ducting systems. Rodents tend to leave behind urine and feces. These substances are a major health hazard. And must be removed immediately. Roof rats can transmit diseases like the rabies, bubonic plague and typhus. Roof rats will enter homes and buildings. They only need a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry. They can climb walls and use utility lines and fences to travel from structure to structure. They enjoy living in high places, like attics, are their preference. Roof rats do not burrow in the ground or swim. However, Norway rats do. Their favorite foods consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, pet food and invertebrates (spiders and worms, for example) . They will also eat paper. Female roof rats can each have up to four litters a year, each containing five to eight young. In urban areas where they have no natural predators, the survival rate of the babies is high.

San Diego Gopher Control - San Diego Gopher Exterminators

San Diego Gopher Control - San Diego Gopher Exterminators

Pocket Gophers cause major havoc and drive us MAD! But don't fear, we can trap and eliminate the Gophers and Moles from your lawns, hillsides, and flower beds.

Gophers and Moles are definately a pest, they destroy lawns, landscapes,

Gopher and Moles even devistate crops, farmlands, and vineyards in the blink of an eye.

Gophers love to eat your newly planted flowers, and Palms.

At SPEEDY ANIMAL CONTROL we can quickly eliminate the offending Gophers and Moles in your yard.

- We do not relocate gophers.

San Diego No Kill Bee Control - Alive Bee Removal - Bee Hive Relocator

San Diego No Kill Bee Control - Alive Bee Removal - Bee Hive Relocator

San Diego Bees & Bee Hive Removal Done Right! Our San Diego Bee Specialists can HELP!

The only way to get rid of Bees, is to remove them, and their hive. This is done by opening whatever surface they are entering, taking out the hive and the bees, scraping the area clean, sanitizing the area to remove any pheromones, and finally, sealing up the access point upon which they entered. After which we Relocate the Bees.

Just about every company out there is killing the bees.

We prefer the NO KILL METHOD of Removing Bees.

It may take a little longer, and cost a little more. But we need bees in this world to pollinate and cross pollinate our crops, and to make our flowers fruit trees beautiful. If you like fruits and vegetables, then thank a bee!

Some of the Bee removal services we provide are:

No Kill Bee Removal

Bees Hive Relocation

Bee Control

Killer Bees Removal

Bees Hive Removal

Wasp Bees Removal

Bees Swarms

Yellow Jacket Bees

Mud Dauber Bees

Bee Nest Removal

Removal of bees from walls, roofs, attics, trees, irrigations boxes, etc.

All Bee & Bee Hive Removal is done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

We humanely capture and remove most Hives.

If the Removal of Bees must be done, You must make sure to take the Bee Hive too. Bee control done wrong can get someone killed. Only properly trained and licensed bee professionals, should ever attempt the removal of bees. (Even Professionals still get sung from time to time.)

Damage caused by bees:

Bees can cause moderate to severe damage to property, especially when they get into walls, attics, irrigation boxes etc. The wiring can short out, staining of drywall, etc. The build of dead bees and bee hive can cause an awful stench.

Our San Diego NO KILL Bees & Bee Hive Removal Service includes:

Inspection and Assessment
Bees and Bee Hive Removal
Bee Hive Relocation
Bees Wax Removal
Clean up and Decontaminating the Affected Area
Closing up the area upon which the bees are entering
(we do not tape mud, or paint)
Repairs and or Preventative Maintenance may be needed to keep those pesky Bees out,


Bees can cause harm and even kill people and animals. The Sting of a bee can send some people into anaphylactic shock.

  • I would recommend this business

Got those gophers in no time. My yard was full of holes and they were destroying the plants. Speedy Animal Control set seven traps and caught seven gophers with a day or so... I'm very grateful, and so is the garden.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Had several gophers destroying our lawn for the past couple of months. Contacted Rob based off the other yelp reviews and was so glad we did. He came out assessed the situation regarding the gophers. Also did a walk thru of our house and gave other helpful tips & recommendations. Week later gophers gone and lawn is starting to look back to normal.

Highly recommend if you're looking for someone to help with any pesky critters you might have.

Our house developed a horrendous smell and after some searching, we found what we thought to be a dead cat in the fireplace clean out. We immediately called Speedy Animal Control and Robert swung by within a few hours. He kept us informed on his ETA giving us time to get home from the office.

He quickly identified that it was actually a possum and got work. I had to leave to get back to the office, but came home that evening to a fresh smelling home, a cover where the animal had accessed the space, and an addressed, stamped envelope with an invoice (with no surprises). Robert is an expert at what he does and knows how to provide amazing customer service. I very rarely write reviews, but given the exceptional service, I needed to.

I hope I don't need to call him back, but he'll be the first and only person we call to resolve an animal issue.

Had a bad odor coming from what I thought was under the house, I had a bad feeling that someone was going to have to crawl under there and retrieve the carcass of a dead rodent. Not me... I called Speedy Animal Control and Robert came out did a quick assessment and found the bad boy under a kitchen cabinet in the toe kick area. He quickly removed the offender, cleaned up the debris and sanitized the area.
Now this is not a cheap service but it is well worth the price when I saw what he had to do and the tools he needed yup he is my go to guy in this area. Highly recommend Speedy Animal Control.

Robert came out today to check on the swallow netting as I had several extremely persistent sparrows (not swallows) get caught inside the netting. I couldn't figure out how they got in there, but Robert came and checked it out, figured out how they were getting in and offered some solutions.

Robert goes the extra mile and even gave me suggestions for some other issues (rattle snakes, squirrels, mice...etc). He even checked out a new garage we're building to see if anything could be done before the stucco went on.

Robert is just a stand up guy and I would recommend him for anything he does. Not many like him these days.

Robert Anderson, owner, 619 370-2761, came to my home to set traps for our raccoon problem the same day I called him. He evaluated the access routes and optimal placement of the traps. He thoroughly explained the trap mechanism and what he does with the animals after they're trapped. We got a huge raccoon the first night. He's asks to be texted by 7am for results. He came to retrieve the raccoon by 10am, and reset the freshly baited trap. We ended up getting two raccoons and after a few days of no more action, had the traps removed. We will definitely call Robert again should we get any more visitors. We are confident our koi pond is safe and our yard is no longer a playground for raccoons. He is extremely reasonable and goes above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied. He's a really nice guy too.

Excellent service for the money. I would hire again based on trying to trap a skunk that we were trying to get off the property. Unfortunately we didn't catch it but one of my family members noticed it walking off and leaving the property. Thankfully the skunk has not returned.

Robert the owner is very professional and is excellent at texting for updates and return calls. Thank you so much and I hope to do business with you again soon.

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Our Snake Removal Service in San Diego, Ca employs trappers to remove Rattlesnakes from: Alpine, Bonita, Balboa Park, Cardiff By the Sea, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Corona, Coronado, Crest, Del Mar, Del Sur, Downtown San Diego, San Diego, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Greater San Diego Area, Hillcrest, Imperial Beach, Kensington, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lake Elsinore, Lemon Grove, Leucadia, Little Italy, Mira Mesa, Mission Beach, National City, North Park, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe, San Carlos, San Diego, San Marcos, San Diego, Scripps Ranch, Solana Beach, Spring Valley, Sunset Cliffs, Talmadge, and Vista.