Delivering Superior Service to Western Michigan for over 22 years. Since 1987, West Michigan businesses and homeowners have relied on SUPERIOR to solve many of their pest problems. SUPERIOR is an owner operated business with trained certified technicians.

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  City Grand Rapids, MI
  Zip Code 49548
  Address 3645 Linden Avenue Southeast # 1
  Phone Number (616) 247-7500

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The owners of Superior Pest Control have provided superior service and pest control solutions to the greater Grand Rapids area since 1987 to some of the most recognized businesses in the area. Specializing in solutions for residential homes, commercial and medical facilities, and industrial plants, Superior uses an integrated pest management system to minimize the impact on your home, business, and the environment. With cooler weather comes the need to stay warm. And while you're bundling up, pests are looking to come inside from the elements.

Invadingmice, ants, bees, roaches, and other insectscan quickly ruin the comforts and sanitary conditions of yourhome, condo, or apartment. Prevention through periodic maintenance is theeasiest method ofensuring these pests don'tinvade your home, but ifthey do, Superior PestControl can apply an integrated pest management system tocontrol pest activity. What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)? IPM is a combination of proper inspection, and specificapplication of the appropriate insecticide or rodenticide to eliminate pests, whileminimizing theimpact on your home and the environment.

CountyHealth Departments in the state of Michigan areincreasing their standards for compliance with fly control, particularly in food, health, and medical establishments. This includes: House Flies, Fruit Flies, Sewer Flies, andother "Drain"Flies. Superior Pest Control has successfully eliminated flies from many food prep, bar, and serving areas of Grand Rapids and West Michigan restaurants. Partnering with our clients, we identify the source and provide corrrective action, often without the use of insecticides.