Swat Team is the combination of experienced talented service technicians and the best materials available today, providing structural pest control in the Louisville and Lexington areas.

Services range from monthly to annual visits to control ants, wasps, bees, hornets, roaches, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, pantry pests, clothes pests, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, fowl mites, clover mites, straw itch mites, mosquitoes, flies, termites, mice, rats, and assorted other weird stuff.

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  • Swift bed bug control

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  • Member of National Pest Management Association
  • Kentucky Pest Management Association

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  • Louisville, Lexington

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  • American Express, Debit Cards, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

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  Person Charlie Hodges
  City Louisville, KY
  Zip Code 40272
  Address 7104 Sunny Vale Way
  Phone Number (502) 296-2402
  Mobile (502) 296-2402

Business Representative

Charlie Hodges


Doing pest control for 26 years.

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The Swat team member mark was fantastic and very through with his home inspection and the proceeded to treat the house with what was needed. Now after just a few days after the treatment I already notice a significant improvement. Thank you Swat for the great and speedy service. Not only did we treat for bugs but the house is now protected from termites for 25 years and it is a house that Is 99' long so the price was fantastic

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
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Charlie was the best! I had some Wasp nests in my attic that my current pest control company could not locate or rid my house of. After having more Wasps show up in my house I happened upon this firm via the internet.

Charlie came out as scheduled, found the nests and eliminated the problem. He even came back out to retreat when I noticed some additional wasps flying around the rafters.

My family is happy and oh by the way, they are extremely reasonable!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

SWAT Pest Control did an excellent job at our home and farm. Chris was very knowledgeable, friendly and above all professional. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs any pesticide work. They went above and beyond!

Charlie, owner and working technician, was our tech. Our problem is not the usual that you'll see listed on a pest control company's pest removal chart. He not only eradicated the problem he showed me how to recognize a bug or something else with his portable microscope. He also armed me with more information than could be written in this post. He is the most ethical and caring pest control person you'll find. The Swat Team's technicians are assuredly trained the latest techniques in their field. We would not hesitate to call Swat Team Pest Control for any pest in the future.

James has serviced my house since using SWAT and I've been very happy with the service. Came out the first time and took care of the problem. Has always said they would come out if we have any bug appearances issues in between services. Happy with the company so far.

We had a bed bug problem. Ramon handled it like a champ. Very professional and gave great advice to help us keep the problem away. Highly recommended!

From Our Website

Reliable, trustable, and honest. If you are looking for a great service and people who care about what they do and do it as they said they would this is the company you need. We have been so pleased and they come every quarterly on the clock for recurrent services.

Christian Allan comes to us from New Hampshire, is good with general pest control and bed bugs, and is now focusing on termite control. At it for seven years now, he's good at killing, and can womp you in Madden Football. Juan Ramon Lopez comes to us with a background in the hospitality industry and an acute ability to recognize bed bug infestations. After 11 years with us, he's the best there is. He can even speak to the bugs in Spanish!

Two raccoons used this access to the attic and walls of this house. We removed the pests, the landlord had the access hole patched, and the tenant did not move out.

We use Termidor as a soil treatment for most of our termite work. In most cases it is the best and most appropriate material available. If soil treatment is not appropriate, we offer Bora-care wood treatment where applicable, and can monitor if necessary. We also offer pre-construction treatments in coordination with your builder.

We're getting a lot of emergency calls about "hornets" in the ground. If they are huge, swarming around and seem to be attacking each other on occasion, they are probably cicada killers. They may or may not be drilling holes in your yard and leaving large piles of dirt next to the holes. They will not attack you, and are fun to watch as they sting cicadas and bring them back to those holes. Here is one who posed for photos just after I killed it. Bald-faced hornets are a lot of fun. They look fierce, but are organized and predictable.

The word in the seminars is that these bugs are hard to kill, take a long time to get control, and you can never be sure you got them all. We take a different approach to killing them, and, having tweaked our system of treatment, usually get elimination on the first visit now. If your bug guy is having difficulty killing them, call us. We'll make you happy. If you need to know how we do that, look through the photos below, and at the bottom we discuss how we treat. This couch was thrown out before treatment and a homeless man took the cushions to sleep on in a friends apartment.

Spiders get a bum rap for bites that other arachnids inflicted. Most doctor-diagnosed "spider bites" are from mites, lice, ticks, or bed bugs. Spiders are considered beneficial, unless they are leaving web strings where you walk into them with your face, or they are turning your house into the set for a hollo'een movie. They are generally easy to kill when necessary, and we like to take the webs down when we treat. There are two types of spider in Kentucky which create problems when they bite, the black widow spider (really hurts) and the brown recluse spider (you will probably need a skin graft), the widow showing up outside, and the recluse showing up inside.

No single type of treatment is appropriate in every situation, but our general approach to pest control is "kill it now." If you have invading pests like ants, oriental roaches, spiders, crickets, wasps, or millipedes, we prefer to kill what you've got, and then treat the outside to kill future invaders outside, rather than wait until they get inside. Most recurring service is focused on the outside, with visual inspections inside, treating inside when necessary. Pests like german roaches, flour beetles, meal moths, and bed bugs require inside treatments, and each requires it's own approach.