At TRAPPRO, One Call Traps All. TRAPPRO is family owned & operated and is dedicated to humanely, professionally, and as fast as possible rid your home all invasive nuisance wildlife. Our inspectors and professional animal trappers are friendly and knowledgeable and TRAPPRO provides the highest service at affordable prices.

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  City Annapolis, MD
  Zip Code 21403
  Address 326 1st Street
  Phone Number (410) 267-8727

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Trappro boasts a staff with 150 years of hands on experience in the wildlife service industry. Our knowledgeable service technicians offer quality results at an affordable cost. Employees have been extensively trained and certified in the removal of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, beavers, opossums, groundhogs, bats, mice, birds, snakes, rats, feral cats, and fox. These animals are well adapted in obtaining ways to enter your home or business. They have the ability to chew through wires, water pipes, drywall, soffit, insulation - and it doesn't stop there.

Trappro's specialties are not limited to the trapping and exclusion of unwanted wildlife. They are able to repair and renovate damaged areas, as well as reinsulate any disturbed attic space. No job is too big or too small. Photos on this page show some of the damage done by nuisance animals as they enter your home. For more photos please visit our photo gallery.

A. No, all bats do not have rabies. That being said, bats CAN carry rabies. If a bat is captured within your property, it is recommended to have the bat tested by your local health department. A: Trappro is licensed by the Department Of Natural Resources, and is also bonded & insured to the necessary extent. A: Trappro offers appointment windows Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. 3 hour arrival windows are scheduled and notice may be given when a technician is in route to the property.

Description: Gray squirrels are four-legged, with an 8" to 10" long body and a bushy tail typically just as long as the body. They are usually gray or brownish in color (colors will be extremely varied from location to location). These animals are excellent climbers. They are the most intrusive and territorial nuisance wildlife. We service more squirrel eradications than any other simply due to that fact. Squirrels will continue to inhabit a given area or structure until they are forced to re-locate.

Our technicians are trained in odor removal, which includes location and extraction of the odor source. They are also trained in the removal of hazardous material, including animal carcasses, all types of debris, animal excretions, bird nesting material, and much more. One of our qualified wildlife service technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection of the premises to reveal the exact nature of your wildlife intrusion. They will determine the species present, the entry point(s) from which the wildlife has gained access, the best removal method, and then the most effective course of action to rid you of your problem permanently.

Trappro humanely removes foxes that have invaded your yard, shed, barn, under porch or house or other areas of your home. Foxs will be trapped and removed. Trappro will trap fox throughout Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia. Our professional trappers will also be able to seal up areas in shed or under porch and home where fox have entered the home. Trapping and exclusion of fox is available for homeowners and business owners throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Description: Foxes are some of the slyest of mammals.

Trappro bat trappers are experts in trapping bats that have gained access to your attic, walls, house, shed or other areas of your home. Bats will be trapped and removed. Bat droppings and other messes made by bats will be safely removed from walls, attics, sheds etc. Dead bats or baby bats will also be carefully removed if found in your home in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia. Food Sources: Although some species of bats rely on a majority of fruits to survive, bats typically survive by feasting on a number of insects.