View our short video of busting moles Caddy Shack style! Mosquito Misting Take back your yard with our mosquito control program. We participate in a national charity that supplies FREE lawn care for families with a primary bread earner serving in the military. Tuff Turf Molebusters kills moles, outdoor insects, and assists clients obtain a green, healthy and weed free lawn.

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  City Byron Center, MI
  Zip Code 49315
  Address 8788 Eastern Avenue Southeast
  Phone Number (616) 554-9499

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We provide mole control in Grand Rapids and a whole lot more - Tuff Turf Molebusters kills moles, outdoor insects, and helps you obtain a weed-free, healthy green lawn. I started Tuff Turf Molebusters in 1994 and I have been working in the lawn care industry since 1985. Both my wife and myself grew up in Grand Rapids and attended Calvin College. I have a passion for solving my clients' lawn and pest problems. Our success allows me to contribute over $30,000 a year to local charities, schools, churches, military families, and youth sports organizations.

TuffTurf Molebusters has been in business for 27 years. TuffTurf Molebusters is affiliated with MNLA (Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association), the National Association of Landscape Professionals, accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and involved with GreenCare for Troops, but most importantly, we are in a partnership with YOU. Tuff Turf is a seven time Super Service Award winner with Angie's List. This award is only given to the top 5% of companies nationwide, that show great customer service and quality work.

Our Tuff Turf Molebusters Specialists focus on animal control solutions for homeowners, property managers, businesses and government. We are animal control experts. We get rid of animal problems and prevent them from recurring. In order to control the enemy, you must first understand them and declare war on them before they wreak havoc on your lawn, ornamentals, and trees. Moles tunnel beneath the earth and build extensive tunnel networks. Mole tunnels that are close to the earth's surface are typically feeding tunnels, identifiable by the resulting areas of raised ground.

Our granular fertilizer is synthetic organic fertilizer that has natural organic filler. All of our applications are phosphorous-free. Broad leaf weed control is liquid and only applied where it is needed. For your convenience, we notify you by email a day or two prior to each service. THE TUFF TURF GUARANTEE - Your property will be treated by professionals with respect to details. We will work on your lawn until you are satisfied. The Basic 5 Step Lawn Care Program consists of 5 applications of fertilizer, broad leaf weed and crabgrass control, free service calls, and a mid-season lawn evaluation.

Pests come in a variety of forms: weeds, insects, animals, molds, and fungi to name a few. The need to control them and pest solutions varies. Having some weeds in your garden or some grubs in your lawn may be tolerable. However, certain pests present serious threats in some years. Some pests can damage human and animal health, such as mosquitoes that carry diseases. Pesticides provide relief from many pests, but they are not the only solution to pest problems. TuffTurf can identify the pests and help you develop a pest solution program.