The largest challenge our local U.S. Pest clients face is getting nice information they can use to take action. We'll aid you figure out what is bugging you before we suggest how you take attention of it. While many do-it-yourself pest control products have multiple uses, some work better than others for a given pest.

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  City San Antonio, TX
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We are a full-service Pest Management Company. Here in beautiful San Antonio, Texas we live with a lot of interesting insects and bugs; some we like such as Monarch Butterflies, Beneficial Ladybugs and Lacewings and then we have the ones we don't like: SCORPIONS, CENTIPEDES, WASPS, ROACHES, TERMITES etc. Rodents also like to live near us and sometimes they try to move into our houses. I tell my customers if they aren't paying rent let us move them out! Smooth, shiny cylindrical snakes; reddish-brown, pink, or silvery tan, with blunt head and tail.

Our company is built on the principles of using quality products and providing reliable service.

We also do minor Animal Trapping, Exclusion Service for Animals and Rodents, Attic Decontamination and Contaminated Insulation Removal.

If you want a One time service instead of a yearly service you can still get a discounted price of $45.00 + tax. Available to you as a Home Inspection and US Pest customer. This service includes the interior and perimeter of the single family home (and detached garage if applicable).

Every country has rats and mice. Most kinds live in woods and fields, but three kinds live with people: the house mouse, Norway rat and roof rat. All three could occur in Texas. Even in town, rats and mice will move in with the best of people. What Do Rats and Mice Do? Rats and mice spoil your food, carry diseases, and they're dirty. They soil your house with their droppings. They like open garbage cans, dumpsters, sewers and rubbish heaps. If you see a rat or mouse, you can be sure there are many more.

If Eastern Subterranean Termites are found active on your new home within one year from the original inspection date we will spot-treat the area for Free and offer you a discount on the partial treatment of the home.

A. Feral hogs were first introduced into Texas by the explorer Hernando de Soto in the mid-1500's. However, it was not until the 1980's that populations of feral swine literally exploded across the state. The huge increase occurred as result of a "perfect storm": Many hogs were moved and re-released during this time to provide a supplemental species for hunting as their popularity increased as a game animal. Also, in Texas it is legal to supplementally feed wildlife and to that end, Texans feed approximately 300 million pounds of corn alone to wildlife annually.

These are some Carpenter Ants a customer showed me that had made a nest under a cabinet bottom shelf. They can get anywhere in your house. I asked him to send me some pictures and he was nice enough to do that.