Washington Wildlife Services provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in Western Washington. We can handle almost any type of wild animal problem, from squirrels in the attic of a home, to bat removal and control, to Bellingham to Seattle snake removal. Our Washington wildlife management pros provide a complete solution - including the repair of animal damage.

* We understand that most people appreciate wildlife, just not in their homes.

* We aim to inform and educate people about America's wildlife.

* We offer complete solutions. Not just trapping, but damage repairs, exclusion barriers, biohazard cleanup, and more. We make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish.

* We take great pride in our work in order to ensure that it is done correctly the first time, with guarantee.

* We treat people with friendliness, courtesy, and respect.

* We also treat animals with respect. We aim to be as humane as possible.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Animal Capture And Removal - Only the nuisance animals are targeted!
  • Exclusion - Make sure those animals can't get back in!
  • Damage Repairs - I'll fix the mess animals make!
  • Property Services - Make sure your land is for humans only!
  • Noises in Walls or Attic - Live in peace and quiet!

Contact Details

  Person Washigton Wildlife Services
  City Bellevue, WA
  Phone Number (360) 224-6649

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