Call Whitworth for all your exterior decorating requirements. We will aim to be recognized by our customers as the finest pest control firm in the Pacific Northwest. To evolve long-term relationships with our customers while delivering effective pest management that exceeds their expectations.

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  City Puyallup, WA
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We offer a variety of residential programs, including our Premium Plus Service, an all-inclusive program that provides control for more than 17 different common pests. We also offer complete tree shrub and lawn care programs to keep your outdoor areas healthy and looking great. Whitworth Pest Solutions provides pest control services for any business, small or large. We understand the importance of pest control in today's public facilities and workplaces. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program offers a long-term strategy that includes inspections, sanitation recommendations, biological, chemical, and mechanical controls to combat pest problems.

To develop long-term relationships with our clients while providing effective pest management that exceeds their expectations. A knowledgeable employee is one that does the job right. Therefore, the client will benefit. When we are able to impart our knowledge onto the client, they are able to make educated decisions that benefit everyone in the long run. We always follow the letter of the law when applying products. We also research and stay on top of the latest products that produce less of an impact to our environment while still delivering excellent results.

What is "green" pest control service? Is it the products being used? Is it the techniques? Is it just a catchphrase that many pest control companies use to mislead potential customers into buying a service that isn't any "greener" than a traditional one? If you are truly looking for honest green services- those that actually have lower impacts on the environment than conventional extermination services—then Whitworth Green Pest Solutions is your clear choice. Whitworth is certified by the National Pest Management Association as "GreenPro-Certified Eco-Effective."

Owning a home can be a lot of responsibility, and dealing with unwanted pests is a nightmare for any homeowner. If pests of any type have invaded your Seattle area home, Whitworth Pest Solutions is prepared to take immediate action. Our residential pest control services are designed to solve ongoing problems at your home as well as keep other pests out. As always, we are happy to give you free, no obligation estimates on any service. Also, if you are already on one of our regular service programs and would like to add another type of service we will give you a 5% discount on each service.

Whitworth Pest Solutions has provided Seattle area residents with professional tree, shrub and lawn care since 1981. Our professional team of experts is experienced in insect and disease diagnosis, treatment and pruning for your trees and shrubs. Here in the Seattle area, we have many issues that can impact the health and well being of your landscaping. From an airborne fungus like powdery mildew to insect pests like apple maggots. If left untreated these pests can slowly destroy your valuable landscaping, making your outdoor oasis look drab and lifeless.

At Whitworth Pest Solutions, we are more than just an exterminator in Puyallup, Washington. We are a full-service pest solution provider that specializes in serving the local Tacoma and Seattle area. If you have rodents, insects or are just seeing the telltale signs of a pest infestation, then now is the perfect time to call on our team of experts. If you are regularly dealing with unwanted pests in your home, ask us about the advantages of our residential treatment programs. Business owners, churches, and other organizations can also benefit from our many commercial treatment programs.

Keep unwanted guests out of your Seattle area business with Whitworth Pest Solutions. Our commercial pest control services will eradicate any existing pests on your property and make sure they stay away for good. We offer services to prevent pests from entering the premises as well as the extermination of existing problems. Whitworth Pest Solutions realizes how sensitive, yet critical, commercial pest control is in today's public facilities and workplaces. There are a number of potential health concerns, for you, your employees and clients, such as the antigens in cast skins of cockroaches that can cause allergic reactions in occupants' respiratory systems; rodent feces that aid in the transmission of many dangerous viruses, etc.