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Comprehensive list of Deerfield Beach, Florida based commercial and residential pest control and extermination companies, contractors and consultants.

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The Ship Shape family of Pest Control specialists has over 21 years of knowledge in the Pest Control industry, and we currently have expanded to be one of the most trusted Pest Control firms in South Florida. Whether your problem is with any instect; ants, termites, roaches, fleas, or even rats and can be assured of one thing.

Recently, a new pest was reported attacking ficus trees and hedges in Miami through Palm Beach, Florida. This pest was identified as the fig whitefly; these insects typically feed on the underside of leaves with their needle-like mouthparts. Have you ever experienced being wakened up by some strange noise above your ceiling, i.e. a scratching sound?

Mike Haggerty has been serving South Florida homeowners and businesses with the best pest control service since 1975. Owner operated, with an on-time guarantee, the finest products available and a can do attitude, you can depend on Haggerty Pest Service. Learn more about our Pest Control Services.

We would like the possibility to assist you protect your property from termites, household pests and lawn-damaging insects, weeds and fungus fire ants, too!. We will start with a thorough inspection of your property and give you a complete explanation of what we find. We will discuss any concerns you may have and provide a solution to those concerns. Our program is 2nd to none.

Southeastern Termite and Pest Control has always been dedicated to provide fast quality service; we even offer same day service. Since we're a complete service firm, we can meet all your requirements. We are licensed in all categories of pest control, such as, general pest control, lawn and ornamental, termites, and tent fumigation. We offer wild animal control service.

Since no two homes are alike, our pest control services are customized to suit your specific requirements. That is why our integrated pest management programs are designed with the most scientifically advanced products and application methods. Diligent guarantees your total satisfaction from our pest control efforts or your money back for your last scheduled service.

The 1st and foremost priority in your life should be Cleanliness and hygiene. You should try to keep the surroundings clean at your home, work place or any other place you frequently visit. When you buy your house, you spend a wealth of money on decorating your house with expensive woodwork, fixed furniture and other precious items.

S Florida is best known for having a huge range of nuisance pests, but most do not become a problem until they try to make your house their home. Once pests move in, getting them out can be a complex and difficult task, depending on your home and kind of pest problem. These are annoying pests that often spread disease and can cause health problems for your family.