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Comprehensive list of Derby, Kansas based commercial and residential pest control and extermination companies, contractors and consultants.

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Alternative Pest Management was established at the beginning of the new millennium because of the public outcry for a pest control firm to provide services not completely dependant on toxic chemical use. Each prescription program is unique to each customer's specific requirements with focus on low impact applications and minor structural repairs as our major focus.

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Since 1971 we currently have delivered best quality pest control service to Wichita and the surrounding communities. All of our Technicians have been certified by the State of Kansas Department of Agriculture as: Commercial Pesticide Applicator.

Midwest Pest Control believes it is very important to provide leading edge technology to our clients. Midwest has been delivering chemical applications for termite control and provides yearly service renewals. Termite Elimination Midwest Pest Control has been an authorized company by Dow AgroScience since 1996 to install and monitor the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

Our aim to Heartland Pest Control is to supply clients a safe and sound environment in their home and place of work. We deliver quality pest control services to Wichita and the surrounding communities. Our aim to Heartland Pest Control is to supply clients a safe and sound environment in their home and place of work.

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Faster than roaches can multiply! Able to eliminate termite colonies in a single blow. We are outnumbered by a count of 200,000,000 to 1. Let us aid even the odds by turning your business or home into a fortress safe from unwanted penetration by disease carrying, nasty pests.

Do you have unwanted guests in your business or home? It's not uncommon to find that a pest free home suddenly becomes inundated with insects as soon as the temperature gets up to the 90's. Often, spiders and ants come from the walls and start searching for food. The fact is, regular visits from your professional pest exterminator will keep your environment pest free year round.

Kaiser Pest Control Plus. was established in 2000 with the idea of delivering clients professionalism and integrity in the termite and pest control industry. We provide our clients a clear understanding of their particular pest problems and provide multiple approaches to solving them. We supply our clients an alternative to the one size fits all attitude of industry today.

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The brown recluse spider inhabits the most of man-made structures in the eastern half of Kansas, but can be found throughout the state. Spiders of this species construct loose, irregular webs in undisturbed places. Indoors, it often resides behind baseboards or in wall voids and attics but may be found under shelves or boxes, in storage areas, or in clothing that is hanging or folded.