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Royal Pest Control services Wyandotte Co. Johnson Co. and Miami Co. Ottawa Ks. Wellsville Ks. We offer residential and commercial pest management company. With 20 years experience we solve difficult pest problems in office buildings, grocery stores, health care, specialize in difficult conditions in commercial kitchens and IPM programs for sensitive accounts. If your looking for the best customer service,

  • Rick was incredibly kind and professional. He went out of his way to make a same day appointment

Whether you're just browsing or searching for information regarding your pest problems, you have come to the best place! A & A Pest Service has been servicing the Kansas City Metro area for more than 30 years delivering uncompromised service to our clients. Your home is one of the single biggest investments you will make in your life. Just like all of your other investments you need to be protected.

Finding a pest control firm that does not ask an arm and a leg for their services can be a difficult task almost difficult enough to make you give up and provide up your home to the six-legged invaders! As a family-owned firm, we know that your home is a main investment in terms both monetary and emotional, and you simply cannot afford to leave it vulnerable to teeming hordes of termites, ants or rats.

  • This is a smaller company, but still very reliable. They do a very thorough job. If you

Bodine's Pest Control serves the Northeast Kansas area and surrounding cities and towns. We specialize in removing those pests from your business or home.

  • Bodine's Pest Control is a family owned and operated business that will come out and get

For three decades American Pest Management. has been delivering the best quality pest control service within the industry to our customers in the Northeast Kansas area. Headed by K-State graduates and entomologists, we're driven to satisfy the requirements of every customer and prospective customer that we currently have the possibility to serve. We currently have two locations, in Manhattan and Olathe,

All aspects of pests want to share your home with you. The list could include spiders, crickets, roaches, termites, and fleas. Rodents might prefer your garage or attic. If these uninvited guests become too much to bear, we can easily thin the crowd. Ours is a family-owned and run business.

Bugs are a nuisance, some bugs carry disease. Whatever your repulsion, you don't have to tolerate their presence! We are here to supply a solution which will not cost you a fortune.

.the nation's LEADER in commercial livestock pest control. Providing WEED, RAT, FLY & control in 6 states and consultation services in many more. PlainJan's now has THREE divisions.

At Ed Milberger Pest Control, we realize that every home is different. This is why we provide our clients a range of options each tailored to specific wants and requirements. We have been servicing the Metro area since 1939 from Lawrence to Kansas City, Leavenworth to Olathe. Subterranean termites can attack any home, quietly feeding on your investment. Fight back by contacting us today.

Advance Termite & Pest Control is a Kansas corporation which commenced operations in 1985. The firm currently employs 9 full-time certified applicators and an office team of three. The corporation's office is situated at 2515 E. 14th, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Serving Kansas clients since 1947. All technicians state certified to make sure your safety. We are a Sentricon Authorized Firm since 1995. Successful pest control requires experience of the pest's biology and habits as well as safe handling and application of pesticides. With an Entomologist and Graduate Biologist on Staff, we currently have the experience and expertise you need.

Alternative Pest Management was established at the beginning of the new millennium because of the public outcry for a pest control firm to provide services not completely dependant on toxic chemical use. Each prescription program is unique to each customer's specific requirements with focus on low impact applications and minor structural repairs as our major focus.

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The fact that you are searching at our website tells me you have questions and/or concerns about pests and how they relate to your family's health and safety. I hope you find our site informative and that we're serious about our business. We're committed to assisting you! Our KDA Kansas Department of Agriculture Certified Technicians receive 3 times the state's required educational training.

The brown recluse spider inhabits the most of man-made structures in the eastern half of Kansas, but can be found throughout the state. Spiders of this species construct loose, irregular webs in undisturbed places. Indoors, it often resides behind baseboards or in wall voids and attics but may be found under shelves or boxes, in storage areas, or in clothing that is hanging or folded.

Weaver's & Son's A-OK Exterminators have served the greater Kansas City area for more than 43 years. Weaver's will come to your home, by appointment, to provide a FREE Homeowners termite inspection within a 45 mile radius of Kansas City. Licensed professional exterminators will be glad to answer your questions about odorless, safe pest control or termite control.

The most anticipated guide to brown recluse spider control is COMPLETE. It is a termite or a flying ant? BRS is a licensed and bonded, complete service pest control operation. We perform pest control for all kinds of home invading pests, but control of brown recluse spiders is our specialty. Let the experience, expertise and education of BRS show you the difference.

Quality Pest Control is a tiny family-owned firm. We have been in operation for the last three decades. Our array of services include domestic, industrial and commercial, for everything from spiders to fleas to termites.. It's not that i am so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a pencil diameter.

Mason Exterminating uses Integrated Pest Management System whenever we service your business or home. Scientific Pest Management is the knowledgeable use of all pest control methods sanitation, mechanical and chemical to benefit mankind's health, welfare, comfort, property and food. Mason's Integrated Pest Management System is a partnership with the customer, safety for you and your family members.

Since 1971 we currently have delivered best quality pest control service to Wichita and the surrounding communities. All of our Technicians have been certified by the State of Kansas Department of Agriculture as: Commercial Pesticide Applicator.

Protect the integrity of your brand with Schendel Pest Services. Schendel protects the health and property of 100's of food-grade manufacturing facilities, along with buildings that house 150,000 school kids and 2,000,000 hospital patients each year.