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Comprehensive list of Maine based commercial and residential pest control and extermination companies, contractors and consultants.

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Since our establishment in 1893, 1000's of people have called on us to solve problems with insects, rodents and problem animals. We have services to all your pest control problems because our team consists of award winning, nationally recognized specialists who study the behavior, biology, and control of pests on an ongoing basis.

Need a free quote for a troubling pest infestation in your home? Take 60 seconds and fill out a simple form with your concerns with Modern's free pest control quote application. Modern can assist your protect your home and family from unwanted pests in or around your home. A customer care professional will reply to your estimate after you have completed the required information.

Carpenter ants are highly social insects who form a well-developed colony structure. Workers do various tasks, while reproductives keep the colony going. Carpenter Ants undergo a comprehensive metamorphosis, beginning life as an egg, hatching into a larvae or grub-like worm stage, then into a pupa or cocoon, out of which emerges an adult to repeat the life cycle.

  • This guy is very good... awesome actually. Had the two big companies try to take care

Situated in Lewiston, Maine, Bug Beaters has a simple goal: to supply scientifically advanced services that are extremely effective, and remarkably safe to pets, humans, and the environment. We set out to beat pests by outsmarting them, not by applying extreme quantities of dangerous pesticide.

Pest Pro Exterminating are the pest professionals with over 13 years of experience in the industry. We cover a wide variety of pests for all of your pest control needs, including but not limited to bird, bat and rodent exclusion and removal, carpenter ant and termite elimination as well as ticks and mosquitos, all insects, hornets and bees. We provide a monthly service plan for our commercial customers

  • We had some serious ant problems in our camp on Belgrade Stream. I could not take it anymore

Presidential Pest Control is committed to positively contributing to our environment and our community. We advocate and commit to: Being guardians of the environment while meeting or exceeding local, state or federal guidelines governing the transportation, storage, application and disposal of anything we use.