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Drywood Termites Eats across the grain, gallery walls are velvety, without any soil. Surface has small holes for kicking out pellets. Subterranean Termites Eats only soft spring growth, so wood has layered appearance. Gritty mixture of mud, saliva and fecal matter is common inside galleries. Fungus / Dryrot Begins with the excessive moisture condition in contact with the wood.

It has been known for years that spraying water on plants kills many varieties of pests, but until now it hasn't been very effective. The innovator of The Bug Blaster has invented a technique and nozzle that creates a 360 wall of water which blasts bugs from the underside and tops of leaves, cleaning into the center of the plants. , it's a fantastic plant cleaner.

Bug Solo when termites are bugging you! Welcome Solo Termite Control & Repair is a complete service termite firm serving all of Orange County.We're bonded, licensed and insured Lic# PR3109. We understand how clients can get lost in the maze of a national pest control extermina tion firm. As a family run and operated pest Control Company we take the time and energy to serve you.

I've been in the termite and wood repair business for fifteen years. My mission is to perform unbiased, honest, and thorough termite inspections, and to perform top notch treatments, fumigations, and repairs. I believe that integrity is the key factor and not greed. I will always keep the client requirements at the best priority. Call us for superior Termite and Fungus control.

Since 1979 Consumer Termite Control, a family run and run business, has given homeowners and business owners peace of mind with our termite control services. Our trained and certified technicians will assess whether or not your property has a termite problem and will expertly exterminate them using EPA approved methods and chemicals.

Our mission is to supply fast, efficient, and quality service to each of our clients and to minimize your risk of seriously potential future termite and structural damage on probably your largest investment. My individual guarantee is to supply you and your family an environmentally safe surrounding because we care about your concerns.

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APOLLO Termite Control is an independently owned & operated complete service termite firm. APOLLO Termite has over fourteen years knowledge, and is fully bonded, licensed and insured. APOLLO Termite Control specializes in Inspections, Escrow Certification, Wood Repair, Local Treatments and Quality Fumigation Service of both domestic and commercial properties.