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The professionals from Ecola are kind courteous and knowledgeable. I feel confident that they can take care of our termite issues. I appreciate their efficiency in dealing with my last infestation, which the technician assured me way minimal and easily irradicated.

Very professional with a kind and caring staff!

I scheduled an inspection. Nick was very thorough and explained in detail the treatment process using an electric gun and borates. I was very impressed and scheduled the treatment. The two workers were prompt and detailed. I would recommend this treatment vs fumigation. The cost was

Highly recommended! For rats in my attic and garage, they didn't just set out traps or bait (which I was already doing myself), but they found out where they are getting in, and provided a list of exclusion repairs so that the rats can be stopped in their tracks. Dustin also didn't push for

Terry and his crew took care of a rat infestation we had under our home. They gave us great suggestions on how to keep them out, as well as removing them when they were trapped in there. Terry also got rid of termites that we had, all for a very affordable price, and always with a great attitude

Great service showed up on time haven’t seen any ants. Very experienced and knowledgeable!

Got those gophers in no time. My yard was full of holes and they were destroying the plants. Speedy Animal Control set seven traps and caught seven gophers with a day or so... I'm very grateful, and so is the garden.

This Company scheduled our service two hours after I had called them to accommodate our vacation rental guests in our duplex. And on top of that, the technician, Tyler Lopez, was super professional and called me when he arrived and let me know when the units were done.

Cannot say enough great things about my experience with Dustin. From making the appointment to the service, everything was exceptional. John found my problem quickly and gave me a solid solution to the problem that I was able to take care of quickly. Awesome, awesome company.

Professional, personable, efficient, and thorough. Customer for 4 years. Nobody loves dealing with termites. Glad these folks do a good job.

They were able to come out quickly and spray for ants. Now no ants! They have options for less toxic pesticides too. They were also,able to treat our termite problem without tenting the house. Great fast and friendly service, highly recommended.

These guys are great! They've been servicing our home, as well as our apartment building properties since 1989. They've always come through for us when we've needed them most. As if that all wasn't good enough, they've gone green! Beyond the obvious benefits of doing so, my husband and I realized

Nova was the third company I called to deal with a rats infestation. The first company promised they would get rid of the problems and after two months no difference and I paid for no results. 2nd company was too expensive so I called Nova. I called and they came out the same day and offered

It's getting more & more rare to find a service company that actually knows what they're doing, combined with a sense of integrity. With that in mind, we feel very lucky to have found this one. We're a property management company. Part of this industry involves dealing with constant property

I have been dealing with rats on and off for 25 years, I finally decided to call someone. We called Nova and they were able to come out same day and start our service. The price was fair but the work they provided was excellent. Within 7 days of starting the service we did not hear anymore

I was extremely satisfied with the work done by Best Pest Control. They cleaned out my attic, sealed up the rodent entry ways and offer a one year guarantee. Charlie was very professional: he showed up on time; he worked long hours; and did a thorough job of follow up to insure the rodents

When it comes to the extermination of fleas this pest control company is the bees knees! O.k., a little corny, I admit. But it's true. After seeing a bunch of awesome reviews about this exterminator my husband asked me to give them a call. Once again, my hubby proved his brilliance and his

Unlike us cops, these guys take no prisoners. We had a rat invasion in our home and after trying to defeat the problem myself for weeks, I succumbed to the realization that I was in need of the help of a professional exterminator. Upon looking up pest control on the net, I read a lot of really

Not only are these guys friendly as all get out, but they obviously know pest control. I've never had this kind of good luck finding a great exterminator company before. We had silverfish galore in our apartment. My roomie called these guys and set up a time for them to come out to get rid

I am a resident manager, responsible for 30 units I had about 15 units including mine which were infested with bedbugs!!! I had done some research and contacted a few companies for quotes. I have to be honest I was a bit skeptical at first but I gave these guys a shot and couldn't be happier

Been with this company for years excellent service and value highly recommend A+.

Hearts Pest Management has been good to our family. We've had the service for many years, now, and we are quite pleased at the results. Gophers are a huge challenge, but Hearts is relentless in eradicating them, so, our property is the flagship of the neighborhood. Hearts is honest and fully

From the company CEO, Gerry Weitz, to the technical people and office support staff, Hearts Pest Management is a solid and ethical organization. It has proven itself to me throughout the years and I give this company my strongest possible recommendation. They stand by their work and word,

They’ve been working with us at our home. As well as at our rental properties since 1990, helping us “evict” a variety of pests, including the likes of roaches, rats, bedbugs, fleas, and even trapping/relocating opossums. They’re great about showing up for their appointments on time, and apparently

We were inundated with bedbugs & roaches. My husband hunted around on the internet & noticed that this company had rave reviews on several different sites. We decided to go with them & crossed our fingers. Within a week of their first attempt of ridding us of the problems, nary a roach was

We've had nothing but the absolutely best experience with these guys. My husband noted that we had a problem with ants and silverfish. Having had positive results with Best Pest in the past when we had bedbugs and roaches, we called upon them once again. And, once again, they came through with

Yesterday we had somewhat of an emergency, with bees coming out of our vent hood above our kitchen stove. We called a couple of other companies, both of which showed little concern for our scenario, even after we mentioned that we had a 3 and a 4 yr. old as part of our household. They just

My wife & I have been using the services of Best Pest Control Company for years. They've successfully battled everything from roaches, to bedbugs, to rodents. We even needed them a couple of times to get rid of fleas. All of this both at our home, and at our rental properties. These guys have

We had a bedbug infestation driving us nuts. After seeing Best's reviews here, and on other sites, we decided to ask their help in getting rid of these nasty things. Luckily, they're open Saturdays. After Best's visit this weekend, we finally got our first decent night's sleep in quite a while.

Best is awesome! We had 'em out yesterday & that was the end of our bedbugs. They were as friendly as could be, easing our stress about having these things in our home, which they aren't anymore... now, THAT'S stress relief! Last night was the first decent night's sleep my hubby & I have gotten

I'm not much for writing long, drawn out reviews, (not much of a typist here), so suffice to say, when we called these guys out to help us get rid of the rats in our home, they showed up on time, and were successful in getting rid of them on their first try. What more could we ask? They're

When a company actually accomplishes what it promises in their advertising and on the telephone, and does so on their FIRST attempt, over and over again, that company is worthy of as much word-of-mouth advertising as my husband & I can offer it. Such is the case with Best Pest Control Company.

My husband and I agree with the positive reviews about this company. These guys are wonderful! We were lucky enough that the owner stopped into his office on the way to go watch football with friends this morning. He found my, (somewhat frantic), message on their voice mail system and decided

We had these guys out yesterday, on an emergency basis... we had rats trying to chew through our acoustic ceiling from the attic, and my wife was frantic! Charlie, from Best Pest was great. He calmed her down on the telephone, and was at our home within 45 minutes. After calming her down again,

These guys were awesome! After seeing all of their great reviews here, (filtered reviews), and elsewhere, my husband called them out to help us get rid of the rats in our home. They showed up on time, took the time to do a thorough inspection of our home, inside and out, and explain why we

My wife & I saw these guys listed here & on other referral sites, and figured with all of the great reviews, they must know what they're doing. So, we called them to ask their assistance with ridding our home of ants, silverfish, and fleas. Long story, short... Best Pest showed up when they

Ok, ok, my review title isn't as cute at the original, but it does help get my point across! We started noticing moths fluttering around the kitchen. As time went on, their numbers increased from a couple every now & then to an unacceptable number within a couple of weeks, or so. We had no

The majority of our tenants were complaining about roach infestations, to the point that they got the health dept. involved. We had no idea that the problem had gotten so out of hand! Anyway, we obviously needed some competent and professional assistance in dealing with this. We saw Best Pest's

Ever get tired of waking up in the morning & being greeted by a troop of ants in the bathroom and kitchen sinks? Well, we finally did! We called these guys out & simply put... no more ant problem. My wife loves me again. Highly recommended.

We called them out to help us rid our apartment rental property of rats and roaches. After 3 or 4 days of them working diligently on the problems, they declared the project completed. We waited about a week after this point to start surveying our tenants. Much to our, (pleasant), surprise and

When we first started having termites 2 years ago, Berrett's technicians came out the next day and eased our concerns instantly. They sprayed & treated the termites that was the end of that. We looked at other companies, but it seemed that they would charge an arm & a leg just for a quote!

In a word?... Awesome! My husband & I really appreciate this company. We've used their services on numerous occasions and they've always proven reliable in arriving per their appointment times with us. More importantly, when they leave our home we're confident that whatever pest issue that

We are truly impressed with Best Pest Control. They're consistently prompt, friendly and professional. My husband and I have employed their services for the past 13+ years at both our home and at our apartment building properties. During that period of time we haven't had so much as one pest

We called them, after seeing their reviews on this, and other sites. We asked their assistance in "evicting" our furry, four-legged invaders, and the silverfish infestation that we had been battling ourselves, for what seemed like forever. Long story, short, Best was on time for their appointment

We were completely disappointed with BEST Pest Control. The exterminator came out for an inspection for mosquito control and after concluding that there was nothing he could do to help us he charged us a $150 inspection fee. He was here for exactly 25 minutes. I explicitly asked if he could

Although they're not open on Sundays, after seeing their reviews on various sites, I left a message on their voice mail, expecting them to call back during regular business hours. Imagine my surprise when I got a call this afternoon from the owner! He had gotten my (somewhat distressed) message

We see these guys having all the success in the world during this recession and well beyond. Why? They deserve it! We had the worst, most persistent bedbug and silverfish problems. We finally gave up trying to solve the problem ourselves, realizing we needed the help of a professional exterminator.

Calling One Stop Pest Solutions is the best decision that I every made, they were very professional and friendly. When Dan came to my house, it was infested, the cockroaches were everywhere and they were affecting my families health and our quality of life. We have tried other companies

Where pest control is concerned, my husband agrees with me that if our ants and bedbugs are dead and gone, the service was done right. That was our main concern, as long as who ever we chose to help us didn't want our arm or leg for it. Best Pest was on time, they accomplished the feat in one

I say yay to finally finding a pest control company that shows up when they say they will, and actually gets rid of the reason we called them in the first place! Best Pest has successfully done this a number of times at our home and at our apartment buildings. We’ve recommended these guys to